WEN Scroll Saw 3921 Vs 3922

These days, scroll saws are indispensable tools for accurate cutting. Some businesses, even some households, also equip this machine to repair and decorate their residence in a convenient way.  Most scroll saws ensure their key function, and each product comes to the market with different advantages. That is why it is not simple to pick one out of the couple, WEN Scroll Saw 3921 vs 3922. Well, you don’t need to worry about it anymore; we are here today to give you some hints with the comparison of these scroll saws. Read on!

The Key Difference Between WEN Scroll Saw 3921 vs 3922

Below we are going to weigh up the WEN 3921, and WEN 3922 Scroll Saw in terms of design, power, and some other main features.

Design Comparison

wen scroll saw 3921 vs 3922

The WEN 3921 has a unique design that allows its blades to work in two directions, particularly 90 degrees and standard. Its blade holder can also work with pinless blades and pinned, permitting users to adjust the direction to be suitable with their specific workpiece.

In case you use pinned blades, just turning the holder 90 degrees by popping its pins out of the front blade. Thanks to this outstanding design, which offers boundless ripping capacity for users, your work won’t be limited by the typical 16- inch kind of scroll saw;

Moreover, the detachable blade holder style firmly grasps blades to stop them from gradually being loose within an operation.

For the WEN 3922 version, you also do not need to worry about changing blades because this product contains a multi-blade holder that adapts pinless, pinned, and even spiral blades. Besides, the specific edge panel permits it to open with ease to fit the blade holder’s bottom.

When purchasing this product, you will have a package consisting of three types of blades, specifically 18 TPI pinless blades, 18 TPI pinned blades, and 15 TPI pinned blades.

WEN 3921 weighs 25.1 pounds in terms of the weight factor, while its competitor is heavier a bit with 26 pounds.

About the dimension factor, the first product reaches 26.38 by 13 by 14.75 inches; the other seems a little bigger with 25.5 by 15.3 by 13 inches.

Power Comparison WEN Scroll Saw 3921 vs 3922

This feature is one of the important criteria to measure whether a certain machine is good or not. With these scroll saws, we can consider two key factors, namely motor and speed.

About the speed aspect, the amplitude of the variable speed of  WEN 3921 is from 400 to 1600 strokes each minute, wider than its competitor, WEN 3922, from 550 to 1600 strokes each minute.

About the motor aspect, there is a similarity between two of these devices; they reach 120 V, and 60 Hz and 1.2 A.

Other Main Features Comparison WEN Scroll Saw 3921 vs 3922

There are some other major elements to compare between these two devices of the WEN brand. With these scroll saws, we can consider five key factors, namely motor and speed, the size of table blades, throat depth, included component, and the last one is warranty service.

The crucial difference of this third comparison between these mentioned scroll saws appears in two elements: the presence or absence of storage area and LED light for blades. The WEN 3922 doesn’t have the existence of these appliances above and vice versa.

Besides, the table blades of these tools are approximately spacious, one 16 x 11 inches and the other 16 x 10 inches, though both bevels for angled cuts up to 45 degrees.

In terms of the throat depth, both WEN Scroll Saw 3921 and 3922 reach 16 inches, which approves to cut thick wood up to 2 inches.

There is a similar pattern in components packages between these devices. Their included component is a set of adapter screws to change blades without any tools, containing one air pump, one iron base, one lock clamp, one grime port, and three blades.

If you intend to shop this scroll saw brand, you can feel worry-free about warranty service. Both these WEN 3921 and WEN 3922 scroll saw are assured by two years warranty accompanying customer services friendly and professionally. Furthermore, WEN corporation always provides skilled technicians with nationwide systems; all support you have more believable to WEN scroll saw.

Quick Rundown Of Wen 3921

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  • Has beveling table with roomy iron base
  • Simple to control the speed with only one knob
  • The presence of a multi-role blade
  • Adaptable working light
  • Equipped with a grime port for an air pump
  • Convenient to control power with a simple switch
  • Reasonable cost for most users
  • Covers large workpieces


  • Poor mechanism

Quick Rundown Of Wen 3922

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  • Suitable for complicated wooden projects
  • Hasbeveling table with extra spacious iron base
  • Unique design with a blade adapter fits for changing blades with non- tools.
  • Equipped with a grime port for an air pump
  • A great option for beginners


  • Poor mechanism
  • Lacks the storage area and LED light

Depends on the factors mentioned earlier, which one is the right choice for your needs?

  • If you are a beginner and learn how to finish detailed cuts with a scroll saw, the WEN 3922 is an ideal option for you.
  • If you are on a tight budget and seeking a great quality scroll saw to practice basic shapes and cuts with ease, you should prioritize WEN 3921.

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Through this WEN Scroll Saw 3921 vs 3922 reviews, we hope you are about to be more confident in picking a scroll saw. Moreover, it clearly can be seen which product is suitable for your needs.

Please keep following us to collect more useful tips for your shopping.