Wen 3921 Scroll Saw Review: A Choice for Basic DIY Tasks

Making our own wooden creations can be fun and enjoyable. To have the best final results, you should choose the right machine. This product has won the hearts of so many users for its outstanding characteristics. So, is this scroll saw a good fit for your needs right now?  To have the answer, keep reading our Wen 3921 Scroll Saw Review till the end to find out more! 

Wen 3921 Scroll Saw Review – A Look Into The Machine

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The Blade

The blade is the most important part that we should check first before buying a new saw. Why? Every part of a scroll saw has a direct impact on your final results or makes your sawing timeless or more comfortable. Therefore, a good or bad blade plays a crucial role in determining the final results of your work.

Wen 3921 was designed to cut wood in two directions. With a two-direction blade, you can have your work done so easily because it can maximize your ability to work with different angles.

No matter if you want to use a pinless blade or a pinned blade, the Wen 3921 scroll saw’s blade holder would accept them all. You can also remove the pinless blade when you do not want to use it. This blade holder’s design makes it so simple for you to use.

The blade cana cut from two different directions

Cutting Table

The size of a scroll saw’s cutting table is another thing you should take a look at before buying. Whether the cutting table is smaller or larger, make sure that it fits your work areas, purposes, and comfortability.

With the size of 11-inch by 16-inch, Wen 3921 scroll saw is suitable for almost every basic piecework. The surface of the table is made from cast iron, which means it can prevent your wooden pieces from vibrating too much.

Even though the size of this saw is a great fit for most basic works, it will not be a perfect match for bigger or thicker pieces of wood.


Although Wen 3921 scroll saw is small and compact, the machine is way more powerful than other saws at the same size that you can find in the marketplace.

Wen 3921 scroll saw is known as a powerful machine that nails down every fundamental work with perfection. It can run and cut wood smoothly and fast. The machine was made perfectly for you to use for hours without the need for regular breaks.

If you are looking for a saw to do professional work, however, this saw might not be powerful enough as the size and the blade are not sufficient to handle heavy-duty tasks.

The table size is suitable with most basic work


Speed is for sure one of the most important characteristics you must take into account while shopping for a new scroll saw. With variable speed, Wen 3921 Scroll Saw would be a good fit for different kinds of work.

Wen 3921 Scroll Saw’s lowest speed is 550 strokes every 60 seconds, and its fastest speed is 1600 strokes every 60 seconds.

When you are doing your woodwork, slowing down the speed to work on small angles can make you have better results. On the other hand, with the less detailed area, you can speed up the machine to get your work done faster.

Dust Cleaning

Dust might not be a big deal and cannot affect directly on your final results, but it can be annoying while you are sawing. 

Wen 3921’s air pump can blow dust from the sawing area easily when you are doing the work to keep the surface clean for you. You will not need to worry about the dust flying off in every direction while you are focusing on your creations.

Warranty Policy

You know that feeling when your new machine has some problems or stops working after a while, right? That’s why the more valuable and high-quality a machine, the longer and better the warranty policy.

Wen 3921 scroll saw wins over many other saw brands for its warranty policy. You will not need to worry about your saw stopping working one day because you already have a two-year warranty to back you up. 


Wen 3921 Scroll Saw is generally safe for adults. It is small and lightweight so it will not be so difficult to handle. You just need to be careful while doing the work.

We know children (especially little ones) are interested in this machine as they love to create their own “wooden animals” toys. This might not be safe for them, especially the kids who are too young (under 12 years old).

Parents should make sure to keep their little kids away while they are doing the work and turn the machine off when the job is finished.

saw product

Do not let little kids use the saw

Pros and Cons


  • Reasonable price
  • High build quality 
  • Run smoothly
  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to change the blade
  • Two-year warranty policy

Wen 3921 scroll saw is pretty cheap for its good quality and decent performance. As we already discussed above, if you buy this saw, you will be backed up with its two-year warranty (while many other brands just offer you one-year warranty).


  • Make louder sound
  • Not a good fit for thicker and bigger piecework

As we already mentioned, this saw is only suitable for basic work. If you like to work with big and thick wooden pieces, then this saw is not the right one for you.

General Opinions on Wen 3921 Scroll Saw

Wen 3921 Scroll Saw will make you happy with its price and quality. If you read the reviews of this saw on the internet, you would see that most people appreciate it for the quality and functions the device brings.

Keep in mind that this machine is the best choice for basic DIY tasks only. But do not worry so much about that, as most of our users who brought this back home reported no difficulty or malfunction when using it. 

To sum up, this machine is worth a try if you are looking for a “buddy” to help you with household creations.


After all of the features, we have been discussing until this point, Wen 3921 Scroll Saw is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a saw to make your own wooden creations. It will not turn you down as the price is so reasonable and the blade is “smart” enough to create the most detailed wooden art. 

We hope this Wen 3921 Scroll Saw Review can help you decide if it can be your best option or not. Have a good time creating your own wood art at home!

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