Ridgid Table Saw R4512 Review

If you are looking for a robust and solid table saw, the table saw is the ultimate choice for you. The saw stands out from other table saw in its league. Read my article: “Ridgid Table Saw R4512  Review” in-depth to know more about the performance, reliability, operation, handling, and maintenance of the saw. The table saw runs perfectly and is a perfect choice for beginners.

Ridgid Table Saw R4512 Review

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When shopping for the best table saw that boasts of unique compactness, cutting precision, versatility, and performance, the Ridgid Table Saw R4512 should be your ideal choice. The saw is specially made with unique consideration to the needs of beginners and amateurs as well as the enthusiasm of the professional woodworkers. The table saw is sturdy and solid such that it comes in handy for all types of cutting and sawing needs in the workshop.


  1. Lightweight design and wheeled base for excellent mobility
  2. A powerful 13-amp motor that delivers 3450rpms
  3. Comes with unique safety features including a blade guard
  4. Cast iron construction that enhances the stability and smooth operation of the table saw
  5. Comes with a dust port for a clean and tidy working space


  1. Changing the blade is a tedious and time-consuming task

Design and build

This Ridgid Table Saw features a compact, solid and robust design that makes it perfect for both beginners and professionals. Ideally, this table saw is designed to withstand and accommodate the cutting needs of all projects in a manner that exceeds your expectations. The compact design of the table also makes portability quite easy. What is more amazing about this saw is that it has a wheeled base and hence you can effortlessly push or pulling it around.

The table saw has a cast-iron base that is stable and designed to minimize vibrations when working. The perfect design and build of the table saw gives its users a durable and well-balanced combination throughout its life. The upper part of the saw comes with a spacious tabletop that features a T-glide fence. The fence allows the user to work on larger workpieces conveniently. The maximum rip capacity of the saw is 30 inches.

Onboard storage

The saw comes with onboard storage that offers space for keeping accessories close to you when using the saw. The storage space is ideal for keeping wrenches, tape measures, and blades among other tools that may come in handy when you are using the table saw. Overall, the construction of the saw is durable and hence it will last for long before breaking or falling apart.


The power of a table saw is its best trait and feature. True to this, the Ridgid Table Saw R4512 comes with a powerful and dependable 13-amp motor. This motor generates up to 3.8 horsepower and spins for up to 3450 revolutions every minute. As such, the saw is sufficiently powerful to handle most wood materials and products including softer wood and plastics. It is recommendable that you should not use the saw for cutting and slicing engineered wood such as MDF or Melamine. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then you will love using the table saw. The performance of the saw is guaranteed.

Dust collection

This high-end table saw features a unique dust management system that is designed to keep the workshop dust free. The best thing about this 4-inch dust collection port is that it features a universal aspect in that you can connect it to a standard collection bag. What is more amazing about the port is that it is compatible with the majority of the vacuum cleaners in the market.

If you are the kind of woodworkers who prefer working in clean environments, then this table saw is the ideal choice for you. You can easily manage and collect dust particles into the collection bag and also prevent yourself from inhaling the dust or interfering with your vision.

 Safety features

The Ridgid Table Saw R4512 pays great attention to the safety of its users as it also does to its features and performance. The saw comes with a wide variety of safety features. For starters, it has an anti-kickback system that prevents wood and other materials from getting to you and causing injuries as you cut. This system comes in handy when beginners and other inexperienced persons are using the table saw.

The on/off power button is strategically located on the saw for easy accessibility. In case of any danger or problem, you can easily reach the button to switch off the table saw. This table saw boasts of a front & back- clamping fence with extra-large glides for providing smooth adjustments while ensuring that the wood remains in place thereby guaranteeing your safety when cutting large wood pieces.

Customizable and comfortable use

This table saw is versatile thereby making it ideal for use on different cutting projects that do not necessarily involve the use of wood. Additionally, the saw is compatible with a variety of attachments like vacuum cleaners and dust collection bags. What is more unique about this table saw is that you can use it with other accessories such as extension tables for better working experience.

The simple design of the table saw makes it easy and comfortable to use. You do not need to possess any special or complex skills to operate and use this saw. For instance, the over-mold handle enables you to have a strong and comfortable grip on the saw. With just a glance at the user manual, you can be able to operate and use the machine like a pro.

Meter-gauge Ridgid Table Saw R4512 Review

The Ridgid R4512 Table Saw features an exclusive die-cast meter gauge. The gauge features a standard ¾” by 3/8” T slot. There are several positive stops on this gauge made to enhance precision and accuracy when cutting with the table saw.


The Ridgid R4512Table Saw comes with several accessories that enhance the convenience of using the table saw. These accessories are designed to work effortlessly with different materials. The accessories include:

  1. Magnetic push stick
  2. 10” carbide-tipped blade
  3. Blade wrenches
  4. Rip fence
  5. Left & right extension cables
  6. Meter gauge
  7. Stand assembly
  8. Blade assembly
  9. Wheel casters
  10. Operators manual

Personal opinion

The R4512 table saw by Ridgid is a precise, portable, and versatile table saw. This particular saw is mobile and robust therefore making it a perfect choice for use in a hobbyist workshop. The beautiful cast iron tabletop features robust construction that makes the saw durable against wear and tear. The saw prides itself in a quiet and smooth operation. As such, with this saw, you won’t need to have to worry about noise and other forms of disturbance from the saw.

Users of the saw cite that it is easy and effortless to use even for beginners. The simplistic design of the saw allows for convenient operation even in less spacious workshops. Others like how the saw is easy to assemble and align every part within a few minutes. Overall, the saw comes in handy for basic cutting tasks at home or even in a professional workshop. However, people who have used the saw for heavy-duty cutting tasks note that it is not designed to handle excessive heavy-duty tasks. As such, its performance is slightly limited when it comes to such tasks.

Frequently asked questions about Ridgid Table Saw R4512 Review

There are some common questions that most first-time users and beginners ask about the use, operation, and maintenance of this table saw. Some of these questions are such as:

How is a Ridgid table saw used?

When you want to use this Ridgid saw, it is necessary that you carefully check and assess that the entire saw setup is okay. Rotate the saw to confirm whether there is sufficient clearance before plugging in the table saw to a mains power source. Refer to the user manual on how to use the saw correctly for excellent results. You should never use a blade that is rated less than the table saw’s speed as this can cause injuries.

How do you adjust the blade?

When adjusting the blade, the first thing you need to do is remove the anti-kickback pawls and the blade guard assembly. Loosen the adjustment screws and ensure that you hold the mounting bracket. You should then align the blade accordingly by repositioning it either to the right or left. After it is well aligned, tighten the screws. You can check to see if this was the alignment you needed and if not, repeat the whole process.

Which is the process of changing the blade on the saw?

The safest way to change the blade is by holding the arbor wrench to securely remove the old blade from the saw. Then place the new blade and tighten the screws in the arbor wrench. Always ensure that the teeth point towards the front of the saw when you are installing the replacement blade. Additionally, ensure that the saw is disconnected from the power source so that you do not accidentally turn it on. This can result in life-threatening injuries.


Even though the Ridgid Table Saw R4512 is not an ideal choice for professional heavy-duty tasks, it is still convenient for use in basic cutting tasks around the workshop. The saw is affordable to buy and even maintain and it exceeds your expectations. It is loaded with tons of features to give its users the best and most convenient user experience.

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