Poulan Pro PR4218 Review: An Chainsaw For 2021

The Poulan Pro PR4218 is a light-duty gasoline-powered saw that weighs about 15 lbs. This very powerful saw is comfortable to handle and control for precision and accuracy. If you are a DIY enthusiast who is keen on making wooden structures around the home or even for felling trees, this is the ultimate tool for you. Read my article: “Poulan Pro PR4218 Review” below here for more information, the review can help you choose the best bat easily.

Poulan Pro PR4218 Review

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The Poulan Pro-PR4218 is a superior quality chainsaw that is uniquely designed and developed for light and medium cutting needs such as a storm clean-up, firewood cutting and tree felling. The saw boasts of lower emission levels, more power, and considerably lower fuel consumption. The saw is lightweight and features a flexible handle that makes it easy to hold and control the saw during cutting. The Poulan Pro saw is packed with tons of features that make it fun and exciting to use the saw.  Unlike other chainsaws in its class, the PR4218 saw boasts of reduced vibrations thereby eliminating fatigue in the hands.


  1. Low fuel consumption
  2. Reduced emission levels hence safe for the environment
  3. Ergonomic design hence effortless to control and use
  4. Easy and affordable maintenance
  5. Highly powerful and excellent performance


  1. The chain saw poses a serious safety risk if mishandled

Automatic oiler

With this Poulan chain saw, you need not worry about oiling the cutting chain from time to time. This is because it comes with an automatic oiler that keeps the chain and bars lubricated at all times. This not only minimizes maintenance but also reduces wear and tear. Consequently, this makes it easy for the saw to have a smooth running and dependable operation. This gear-driven oiler ensures that instances of dryness and stiffness in the chain saw are eliminated

The patented OxyPower feature in the chain saw is popular for efficient fuel consumption, incredible power, and reduced emissions. This technology not only makes the saw affordable and easy to operate due to its reduced fuel consumption. The high-performance saw makes it easy to clear tree debris after a storm or even fell trees for timber. The best thing about this Poulan saw is that it is designed to conserve the environment by limiting and reducing the emissions it releases into the air when in use.

Super-Clean Air Filter System

Ideally, the Poulan Pro PR4218 saw is designed and made to be effortless in its use and maintenance. In line with this, it comes with a SuperClean Air Filter System that provides for extended life of the air filter. As such, you will not need to change the oil filter in the saw after every few weeks. Instead, the air filter can last for months without requiring any replacement whatsoever. In addition to this, this superior filtering system reduces fuel consumption while at the same time ensuring that it does not sacrifice the power and performance of the saw.

The unique design of the saw features integrated storage that has a snap-lock cover. This storage space provides for easy-tool access for the chain tensioning tool.  As such, you do not need to put the saw down for you to look for the tensioning tool. The onboard scrench is conspicuous in that it is part of the saw’s body and hence goes unnoticed.

Effortless Pull Starting (EPS)

Most chain saws in the market are quite cumbersome and tiresome to start. This is because they need you to pull the start cord a few times before the saw starts. However not the case when it comes to the Poulan Pro PR4218. This is because the saw comes with a unique Effortless Pull Starting. The EPS system starts with one or two cord pulls. The system requires users to use 40% less effort when pulling than if they would require when using other chain saws.

Performance and handling

The Poulan Pro PR4218 chain saw is specially designed and built for medium and light cutting tasks. This makes the saw a perfect choice for property managers, general landowners, and homeowners to carry out cross-cutting, lambing, and felling. The 18-inch chain blade cuts through 16-inch diameter logs in only a single pass. The chain saw makes smooth and consistent cuts including dealing with 10-inch limbs.

The handling of the saw is quite easy primarily due to its lightweight as well as the ergonomic handle. The saw weighs approximately 12.25 pounds and features a comfortable reduced vibration rear handle. The handle reduces operator fatigue while increasing productivity. What is more amazing about the design of the chain saw is that it features easily accessible controls for easy access and operation of the saw.

Cutting equipment

The cutting equipment in this chain saw is made using high-quality steel. This steel is unique in that it does not rust, corrode or break easily. In addition to this, steel retains its edge for longer than other materials and hence you will not need to sharpen the blade often. The 18-inch steel bar and cutting chain make it easy and simple to get the cutting job done.

There is a reduced-kickback guiding bar in the saw with a small radius that reduces the kickback danger zone experienced on the bar. What is more unique about the saw is that the low-kickback chain has a contoured guard link and depth gauge that provides for a fast and smooth cutting experience with minimal kickback force.

The chain brake in this chain saw starts itself automatically when there is serious kickback in the saw. This goes a long way in protecting the user from injuries from the chain due to kickbacks. When using the saw, it is necessary that you maintain a firm grip and hold on the saw using both hands. This not only helps you in maintaining control but also in reducing kickback.

It is necessary that you maintain proper tension on the saw at all times. When you have a new chain in the saw, allow it up to 15 minutes to stretch before you start cutting with it. This prevents the chain from slipping from the bar and thereby causing injuries to the user.

Poulan Pro PR4218 Review: Engine

The Poulan Pro PR4218 chain saw is powered by a 2 cycle 42cc engine that produces enough power for handling pretty demanding jobs. The engine prides itself on smooth operation and running that have a great impact on the overall performance of the chain saw. The fuel tank in the saw has a capacity of 11.3 ounces. As such, one fuel gallon fills the tank for about 11 times. The engine is designed to last for long without failing or breaking apart. As such, it comes with a guarantee of giving you reliable service for a long time.

Safety features

Generally, using a chain saw is a risky and potentially dangerous task. Therefore, it is necessary that you exercise care and be attentive when using the chain saw. However, the Poulan Pro PR4218 chain saw comes with several safety features that are designed to make it safer to use the saw. For starters, the saw has a low kickback chain and bar that reduce the probability and severity of kickback. However, it is not possible to remove the kickback entirely.  The chain break is yet another operational measure designed to caution users against kickback. During kickback, the break engages automatically thereby bringing the chain to a stop.

There are also front and rear guards that protect and shield the hands from interaction with the chain or harmful debris. The throttle lockout switch in the saw prevents accidental throttle trigger pressing.  For added protection and safety, it is necessary that you always wear appropriate protective gear such as gloves, goggles, head protection and earbuds.  Additionally, you should not attempt handling or operating the saw if you are not well-versed with how to operate the saw. Also, avoid wearing loose clothing when using the chain saw.


This chain saw comes with several accessories including a carry case that protects the chain and enhances convenience when carrying the chain saw.  It also comes with an operator manual and a scrench tool.

Personal opinion

A majority of the people who own the saw have it that it is highly reliable and boasts of a unique performance.  Many users have it that the saw is worth every penny it costs due to its tons of features and unmatched functionality. Other users appreciate the straight forward and clear instructions that the saw comes with. According to people who have used and owned the saw for long, it is easy to handle and does not reduce its performance or reliability even with consistent use.

First-time users also have it that the saw is quite easy to control and operate. Although there are some users who note that the handles were a bit complex and hand for them to grip securely at first. Overall, users have expressed great satisfaction and contentment with the saw since it handles light and medium-duty cutting tasks easily and conveniently.


Poulan Pro PR4218 Review: This product is a powerful saw with good power output and easy to start. The saw is ideal for use both right and left-handed people thereby having a universality feature. The tool is a perfect choice for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. You should ensure that you never use the saw on wood or trees with nails as this will damage the chain.

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