Makita 9403 Vs 9404 Sander: Design, Features, And Powers Difference

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In this article, we want to help readers understand the difference between Makita 9403 Vs 9404 Sanders. As you know, choosing a durable, good quality, but the affordable grinder is not something easy. With this article’s help, we hope you can understand why these are the top 2 products on the market? What are the main differences between these 2? Which one is better?

From there, you will draw conclusions about which model is suitable for your conditions for the best effect. With innovative overall designs and outstanding control, both machines will probably not disappoint you during use.

Difference between Makita 9403 Vs 9404 Sander

Design comparison

Makita 9403

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The Makita 9403 belt sanders possess the optimum weight for a handheld machine -13 pounds. Therefore, it will be an excellent solution to prevent hand fatigue for professional mechanics who frequently have to use the device continuously for a long time.

This Makita machine’s vibration level only stops at 84 decibels, the ideal level for smoothness almost superior to most metal grinders on the market. Besides, Makita 9403 is integrated with a 4-inch long belt, giving you reasonable control over the machine’s operation.

It comes with a grip for user convenience when handling difficult grinding angles and good fatigue resistance.

The Makita 9403 shell also protects the dirt from entering the engine very well with its maze structure.

Meanwhile, the 9404 belt sander is almost similar in construction to the 9403 version. However, the weight of the 9404 version is a bit lighter – 10.3 pounds, easy to grip and use for a long time. Most of the remaining designs of both products are similar.

Power comparison

The Makita 9403 has an extensive belt – 4 inches and operates at maximum speeds up to 1640 feet/min. This is an awe-inspiring speed and can handle most of the toughest metal plaques.

The engine of this product also produces a constant speed and performance over a long period. Its sturdy sole gives you a good grip and is easier to sand. Its wear-resistant plate is quite thick, so you won’t have to worry about its maintenance much.

This model’s most remarkable point should be the core engine. This main engine block has a powerful 11Amp capacity, generating enough sand hard or softwoods with similar comfort.

The Makita 9404 also comes with a 4-inch sanding strap, but its maximum rotational speed is slightly smaller than the 9403 – 1,440 feet/min.

Makita 9404

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This particular device also has a much smaller capacity than 9403. It only comes with an 8.8 Amp motor, which only meets the basic requirements of a sander. However, the manufacturer has combined with an electronic speed controller to maintain the machine’s stable speed, thereby enhancing the performance and control capabilities. On the other hand, this control also allows users to adjust the speed to suit each different job easily.

Features comparison


The 9403 version has more power than 9404. However, its versatility is not impressive. This is because 9403 cannot control the rate of change. Specifically, you can only have the level limit of 1640 feet/minute with no lower level of control. Meanwhile, the Makita 9404 has a slightly smaller capacity, but you get an electronic control with a speed adjustment function as mentioned above.

Dust collection

The Makita 9403 machine is equipped with separate tools to handle the sparking spark. Specifically, It provides you with a stationary dust collection system ready to suck all the dust out automatically and quickly. The large dust bag makes it confidently carry a large dust capacity, and it will take you less time to bother with replacing them. 

In contrast, the 9404 dust bag has relatively low power, so you better need to use an external dedicated vacuum cleaner to store a large amount of dust during the whole working day. Although a bit more inconvenient than the 9403 version, it still ensures smooth operation for you.

The automatic track belt system

Overall, both of these machines feature a 4-inch automatic tracking belt system that helps you control the belt system without the need for manual adjustments. Both use one handle on the side, which makes it easier for you to manipulate and create the right balance for the tool’s operator.

Quick Rundown Of Makita 9403


  • Affordable
  • Powerful engine
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design


  • Difficulty controlling the grinding speed

Quick Rundown Of Makita 9404


  • Comes with many accessories
  • Long control wire
  • Backup battery included
  • Standard engine
  • Compact size


  • Suddenly stopped working

Who Should Buy Makita 9403?

This machine has a pretty good construction overall and a powerful engine. However, it does not have a controller for changing speeds. Therefore, we believe that this machine is relatively suitable for basic tasks and has difficulty removing rough patches on gate walls or other simple appliances. Besides, if you often have to deal with too rough wood and need to fiber back and forth, this machine is also the right choice. But if you require a higher degree of perfection, this product cannot meet it.

Who Should Buy Makita 9404?

9404 is designed to serve the direction of those who prefer differences in the level of finishing or those who are passionate about handcrafted furniture enhancement. This is because the smoothness of this product is exceptionally outstanding. The manufacturer compared it to the finest barn horses for its wearability and the degree of meticulousness in its design. Electronic speed control will assist professionals in creating the finest, smoothest, and best grinding lines.

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Makita 9403 Vs 9404 Sander Reviews above gives you useful knowledge about each product’s advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, we have compared, evaluated, and commented on each aspect of these two machines: design, power, and features. Through this article, we hope you can choose the exact device that suits your actual needs.