Husqvarna 120 Mark II Review – Ultimate ChainSaw 2021

Welcome to our detailed Husqvarna 120 Mark II Review that also highlights customer reviews of this all-powerful saw. It is arguably true that Husqvarna has over the years been focused on researching, designing, and developing professional chainsaws that have become pacesetters in the market.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II Review

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Professional loggers, arborists, and landscapers have become fond of this brand-new 120 Mark II saw by Husqvarna. The saw is compact and features a bar length of 14 inches thus making the saw ideal for both light and heavy-duty sawing needs. This casual-use chainsaw is designed with an easy start feature that enhances the convenience and reliability of the saw. This high-end saw runs on an X-Torq engine that is both fuel-efficient and has reduced gasoline emissions.

X-Torq engine and air injection

The X-Torq engine in this Husqvarna saw is finely tuned and developed. This helps it delivers maximum power while reducing fuel consumption, reducing emissions to the environment. With a 0.0382 CC engine displacement and maximum speed at 9000 rpm, the saw produces sufficient power to cut through trees with varying hardness levels.

The centrifugal air injection cleaning system in the saw removes debris and large dust particles before they reach the air filter. This in turn not only extends the life of the engine but also reduces air filter cleanings thereby lowering the maintenance costs of the saw. The automatic oiler in the saw delivers a consistent and steady supply of chain lubricants for effective and safe use of the saw.

Combined choke-stop control

Ideally, this Husqvarna saw is designed with simplicity while not compromising its performance, efficiency, and functionality in any way. True to this, the saw features a combined choke-stop control functionality that provides for easy starting of the saw. Additionally, this control functionality minimizes the risk of flooding in the engine thereby guaranteeing that you can rely on the saw for all your sawing needs.

What is more amazing about the design of this saw is that it is designed with a LowVib feature such that it can reduce vibration levels incredibly. This lessens fatigue to the operator and consequently allows for long and uninterrupted sawing sessions. In addition to this, lessened fatigue provides for consistent sawing especially when you want to make even cuts and slices with the saw.

Lightweight construction with excellent maneuverability

The ease of controlling and handling a saw for accuracy and sawing consistency mainly depends on the weight of the saw. True to this fact, Husqvarna designs the 120 Mark II saw with a compact lightweight design. As such, the saw feels light but solid in the hands thereby ensuring that it does not tire the hand muscles excessively when sawing. Moreover, the lightweight design makes the saw ideal for use by pros with varying experiences including beginners.

This saw boasts of excellent maneuverability combined with sophisticated ergonomic features for comfort and convenience when holding the saw. This in turn enhances stability and firmness when holding the saw for enhanced safety and sawing precision.

Safety and simple tensioning systems

Any accident caused by a saw can be fatal and even result in death. For purposes of mitigating the risk of accidents, fatalities, and injuries, this Husqvarna 120 Mark II saw comes with low kickback safety functionalities and features. These features include an inbuilt safety brake that reduces risks during operation. However, it is worth noting that you should always maintain a clear path of the chain saw when running. The slightest contact with a running chain can result in instant amputation.

This modern saw boasts of a simple tensioning system that allows for quick and instant adjustments while working. The recommended bar length for this saw is a maximum of 18 inches. The overall design and build quality of the saw makes it ideal for daily tasks such as firewood cutting, tree pruning, or other hobby cutting works around the home. Since it is flexible and easy to maneuver, the saw is ideal for cutting trees and tree stumps in tight places such as in the fence.


  1. Excellent vibration reduction for less fatigue
  2. Fuel efficient and low emissions
  3. Sturdy and solid construction hence holds well against wear and tear
  4. Ergonomic design that provides for easy handling and control
  5. Sufficient cutting performance


  1. Can inflict serious cut injuries if mishandled

Personal Opinion

Overall, the Husqvarna 120 Mark II enjoys a solid reputation and a massive following especially among professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Most people who own and use the saw love the fact that the saw cranks instantly on the first pull. In addition to this, it provides a smooth-running experience thereby allowing you to focus on the sawing process. The saw boasts of an extremely sharp chain that cuts through trees easily regardless of their sizes and hardness.

Another aspect about the saw that seems to be a favorite feature to most people is the fact that it is lightweight and ergonomically designed for perfect handling. The ease of handling of the saw makes it possible to cut unique shapes, especially during landscaping. The overall durability of the saw and its accessories also account for the increased popularity of the saw among homeowners and contractors.


When investing in a saw, the ultimate goal should be finding a saw that meets your needs and preferences and is affordable to buy and maintain. A combination of these factors is what you get when you purchase the Husqvarna 120 Mark II Review. This easy to use saw comes in handy for lightweight cutting and sawing needs. What is more, about the saw is that it does not dig deep into your pockets thereby allowing for affordable maintenance.

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