How To Cut A Piece Of Wood Without A Saw? (7 Effective Methods)

Woodworking tools are everything to the woodworkers; however, there will be some occasions when you do not have those on hand.  Of all the favorite tools to work on the lumber, a saw is what a worker relies on quite often. But if the saw snaps, do you know how to cut a piece of wood without a saw? Have you ever used alternative tools to saw your wood?

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7 Methods To Cut A Piece Of Wood Without A Saw

Putting some how-to-cut-wood-without-a-saw tips in the pocket can come in handy if you realize the saw blade snapped or you cannot remember where you put your saw away. Or maybe you haven’t done woodworking before, and you are new to using a heavy-duty saw.

Hence, some other saw alternatives, such as knife, drilling machine, machete, chisel, router, ax, and plane, are vital to know. However, it would be best if you smoothed out the rough edges where you cut the lumber. Otherwise, you will probably end up with unwanted results.

1. Knife

Usually, every homeowner should have some types of knives available for immediate use. People consider a knife as one of the most primitive household mates helping us cut almost everything. Besides, it is also an ideal substitute for any sawing problems. For example, you can use knives to see wood to a specific length as you want or re-shape the lumber that needs squaring.

Because not all in-house knives can handle and cut through the wood, we suggest you choose hunting knives, whittling knives, or pocket knives. And make sure you equip those knives with a high-quality file for the most excellent edges.

Apply a slanting technique on each cut. To be specific, firstly, you lean on the wood firmly at a slant and cut it. Remember to maintain a proper angle, or else you will ruin the wood.

After that, you trim the edges. However, many people face the problem of cutting too much. Hence, to avoid doing so, you should deal with more minor cuts of wood. Finally, you work on the edges at which the wood gets snapped off, and then you smooth them out to get a nice look.

2. Drilling Machine

People know about drilling machines with their primary use of making holes in lumber. Nevertheless, these tools also can help you cut several things and work on creating perforations. While you can saw through the wood right away with a knife, using a drilling machine requires you to draw a line on the surface of the wood you want to work on first.

Then, you create the holes along that line. Repeat the process until you find the wood is weak enough to break in two. And the final step is using a sharp knife to trim the edges.

3. Machete

Besides the two alternatives mentioned above, you can cut through the lumber using a very razor-sharp machete. However, the result will not come up with your expectation that the cuts will not be as sharp as those cut by a saw. Like using a drilling machine, the first step is drawing a line on the part you want to see through.

Next, hold the machete firmly at the diagonal angle and cut small pieces of wood along that line. Follow these step-by-step instructions for each side of the wood until your wood becomes breakable. And lastly, you use a knife or a machete to carve the rugged edges.

4. Chisel

Another choice is a chisel. Firstly, use a file to hone the chisel’s edges, but avoid holding it; instead, you should place the chisel on a firm surface. After that, you use both of your hands to hold the chisel. Finally, side up the angle put the flat side on the surface of the wood, and trim it at a 20-degree angle.

Use a non-dominant hand to hold on to the chisel while use the other hand holding the hammer to smash onto the chisel. Next, you get rid of the chipped wood to get the final look. You probably need to work on this process again and again if you are dealing with thicker wood.

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5. Router

An electric router can help saw lumber. To start, you install a router bit first, and then based on the depth you want, adjust its gauge. Next, you pull the trigger to engage the wood. At the same time, you place the router in the cut’s direction. After finishing the amount, you release the pressure and hold the handle loosely. So be flexible that you can choose different kinds of bits to cut the edges. But remember to set the gauge before trimming the wood.

6. Ax

Suppose you do not have any tools readily available except for a sharp ax. Then, you can use it to cut through the lumber. Mark a sewing line and some points along the line. By doing so, you can get an accurate cut as expected. But to start, you should work on a small section of the lumber at two inches first. Keep cutting until the wood is fragile enough to break into two pieces.

7. Plane

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And last but not least, a good plane can be a savior. First, before doing the cuts, you should check on the plan whether it fits in with its blade or not. Then adjust the plane’s depth by using the depth adjustment. After that, you can start cutting on one side and flip the other side with the repeated process.

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Final Thoughts

How to cut a piece of wood with a saw? We believe you have your answer to this question. Our article listed seven common alternatives to using the saw to cut the lumber. If you have any options, please share them with everyone and us. Thank you for reading our post!