Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw Review

DIY woodworking projects are much simpler than professional ones, but this does not mean that you do not need a high-quality table saw to complete the job well instead of making everything messy. This “Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw review” of mine would give you a more in-depth look into this popular product. Then you will know whether it is the right tool for you or not and why.

Highlighted Features Of Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw Review

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Detailed reviews on main aspects

  • Assemble components

When I first received and unpacked the box, just as I had predicted, there were a few assemblies works for me to do there.

Following the user manual included, I found no difficulty during 20 minutes of assembling the stand, rack-and-pinion fence, outfeed support, riving knife, and a few other small components such as the blade guard.

So, I think you would neither find the first steps too tricky and could immediately start your business by unfolding the stand.

  • High Stability

The stand comes with a broad stance to create more stability. This makes the Hitachi C10RJ outstanding, while numerous models are engineered with their legs positioned very close to each other, which may cause the saw to tip, peculiarly when you cut a long sheet or board.

The surface where you work on the table saw is hard, feels solid, and dependable. Therefore, whether I am working or just fold the four legs down, tip the blade up, and roll this 96-pound machine to the storage after use, I always feel assured that there will be no accident.

The high level of stability ensures both the best results and the optimal safety for users, especially non-professional ones.

  • Multiple Safety Features

What I like is the soft-start function for a smooth launch. Like many people, I am afraid of the deafening noise and the extreme vibration of a saw machine when it starts.

Moreover, there is a big power switch equipped with an emergency off safety cover and an electric brake to stop the device anywhen necessary. As a result, you will not have to wait for the blade to cease before you can move the material.

Thanks to the anti-kickback pawls, you can prevent the spinning blade from kickbacks that may damage your workpiece and injure you severely.

And the overload sensor will turn off the saw automatically once it reaches the limit, protecting both the device and user from unwanted accidents efficiently.

  • Incredible Flexibility

While most saws come with a cheap miter gauge, the T-slot miter gauge of this Hitachi C10RJ model is a premium one with convenient detents from 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, to 60° on both sides.

Last but not least, the bevel ranging from 0° to 45° allows users to perform cuts as deep as from 3.125-inch (at a square angle) to 2.25-inch (at 45°). And you can adjust the appliance easily because the height and scale adjustment knobs are located in the traditional positions.

  • Motor Power

Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw Review: The table saw uses a universal motor running on the amperage of 15 amp to deliver a rate of 4,500 revolutions per minute, which is decent in comparison with the 3,650 RPM of Bosch’s 4100-09; 4,400 RPM of Ridgid’s R4513; or 4,800 RPM rate of DeWalt electric saws.

With this motor power, the saw will be able to penetrate the wood without effort and getting overheated quickly.

  • Cutting Capacity

At the speed of 4,500 RPM, the 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade can do a lot of things rather than merely rip rough lumber. Besides, thanks to that robust blade and the 8 x 13/16-inch dado capacity, woodworkers can handle and make cleaner finishes on the toughest types of wood.

Moreover, thanks to the rotating fence and the rack-and-pinion system, its 28.75 x 22 inches working tabletop can extend to an extra-wide rip capacity of up to 35 inches, allowing it to support much bigger pieces.

  • Portability and Storage

This model from Hitachi gets a unique design that enables its stand to either roll or fold. The stand can be considered the backbone of this saw, but here you can store its accessories and folded legs, or turn the machine into a vertical cart.

You can push this cart to any place on the two 8-inch rubber wheels. As you can see, transporting and storing the upright saw is just a breeze.

After finishing the project, you can clean the only dust port and remove the guard of the blade for the next use, too. And since the model is quite compact already, it does not require more than one person to move or store it.

As such, this Hitachi C10RJ table saw is somewhat ideal for people who travel frequently and need to take their woodworking tools with them. You can place the machine in your car trunk neatly and go to another city without hassle!

  • Precision

I utilized the Hitachi C10RJ to cut dimensional lumber in my remodel projects and was able to make the first cuts very straight and precise.

Plus, the extra ruler at the side of its table helps users make accurate measurements quickly. And you can also dial in the marker to ensure the accuracy of your jobs when you are carrying out finishing work where there is no shadow or gap.

You can read the manual to find out instructions on how to tweak the fence, bevel, and riving knife to the current position of the blade in case it is a little out.

However, the manual does not instruct users how to adjust the equipment to position the miter slots and the fence parallel with the blade. Lucky for you, I have found out one way. Simply detach a couple of bolts beneath the table to get the job done!

Important Note:

Be sure that your power source supplies a suitable load of amps for the Hitachi C10RJ table saw. Since the fact that its motor operates on 15 amps does not mean the electric cord is providing it.

If you starve the saw for amps, the appliance is going to burn up or bog down.

Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw’s Features In A Nut Shell

  • Direct drive universal 15 Amp motor can reach the speed of up to 4,500 revolutions per minute
  • Electric brake
  • The soft-start feature alleviates the level of recoil and noise when you launch the machine
  • Super-strong 10-inch blade with 40 carbide-tipped teeth
  • 28.75-inch x 22-inch working tabletop paired with the outfeed support of 28.75-inch x 2-inch
  • 8 x 13/16-inch Dado capacity
  • Bevel adjustable from 0 up to 45° to create cuts at a depth of between 3.125 inches (at 0°) and 2.25 inches (at 45°)
  • Adjustable table extension allows users to rip wood as long as 22 inches to the left and 35 inches to the right
  • Traditional knobs for adjusting height and bevel scale
  • Come with a premium T-slot miter gauge which offers a vast scale with custom stops at different degrees (from 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° to 60°) to both sides, giving precise guide material for more accurate cuts
  • Convenient built-in accessory storage
  • The stand can be folded and rolled on the two all-terrain wheels
  • Rear-positioned 2.5-inch dust port
  • Riving knife
  • Overload protection
  • Stable and durable
  • Covered by a 2-year genuine limited warranty

Pros And Cons

To help readers get a more comprehensive view, in general, I can state the pros and cons of the Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw as follows:


  • Multiple safety features
  • Quite easy to assemble, use, clean, maintain, and store
  • Versatile enough for many uses
  • Decent cutting capacity
  • Long warranty period
  • Excellent stability and accuracy


  • A bit pricey compared to products in the same class
  • Not really appropriate for professional and advanced uses

As such, we can see that the Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw is a nearly perfect option for amateurs, hobbyists, and DIY woodworkers.

However, you should be ready to pay a more significant amount of money for such a worthy product. It goes without saying that you cannot hope to receive a high-quality machine at a low price point.

And while all the safety and other features are convenient and sufficient, the power and capacity of this little table saw makes it unlikely the right choice for heavy-duty projects and professional uses.

Personal Opinion

A table saw is unquestionably one of the must-have tools if you are a woodworker or simply want to make some modifications to your house on your own.

And in such cases, you cannot go wrong with the Hitachi C10RJ. This exceptional saw will surely satisfy you with tons of convenient functions if you can pay for it.

I find it more expensive than average choices quite a lot, but it worths it. The machine is well-designed to be stable, durable, powerful, and accurate enough for most tasks I give it.

Additionally, I am totally pleased with the aftersale service and customer care. The warranty of my saw has expired for a while, but the company of Hitachi still supports me, and the device is actually working well.

In fact, not only I but also many other reviewers on forums and Amazon sing praise about this saw and wonderful things that it brings about.

Nonetheless, it is common sense that nothing is flawless. There might be some drawbacks that discourage you from buying this saw, but I advise you to consider everything on their overall value.

So, I dare to say that you will regret it if you remove the Hitachi C10RJ from your list of potential options while selecting the best table saw for your light-duty projects.

Wrapping Up

In its class, the Hitachi C10RJ table saw is considered to be one of the safest and most convenient models by many experts and users.

When it comes to cutting capacity, the machine is more than enough for hobbyists and DIY woodworkers and just lacks a bit of strength for huge and tougher logs.

Hopefully, after our Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw Review, you have acquired everything you need to know about this product. Yet, if there is something else you want to ask, leave your questions in the comment.

Thanks for reading!

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