DWS709 Vs DWS780: Discover The Champion!

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When searching for a miter saw on the current market, you must have heard of the name DEWALT. This brand has been the big brain behind a wide variety of power tools, and saws were actually one among its trademarks. Notably, DWS709 Vs DWS780 miter saws are the picks of the bunch, something that can measure up to many if not all your needs. 

If you have set your eyes on both models but just want to take one and need some advice on which to get, we are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to take a deeper dive into our DWS709 vs DWS780 to find out the mighty saw that will have you in awe.

DWS709 Vs DWS780


Founded in 1924, the DEWALT brand successfully gained its reputation thanks to a large number of high-quality woodworking machines it brought to the world not long after that. 

One thing that should be mentioned is that its first line of portable electric power tools and accessories introduced to the public in 1992 received enthusiastic support from remodelers, residential contractors, and professional woodworkers.

Two years later, the brand kickstarted a revolutionary system of cordless tools, including a series of saws, screwdrivers, impact wrench, impact drivers, etc.

Until now, this brand continues taking the role of the leading figure in the development and manufacturing of power tools in general and miter saws in particular. No matter how you look at it, DEWALT’s items are always a combination of power, high accuracy, exact cutting capacity, and dual slope, fitting every need of yours in a thorough manner.

As a result, DEWALT is undeniably a go-to brand for many professional workers all over the world nowadays. Its product quality is beyond question, and we believe it is totally not an overstatement to claim that with a DEWALT product in hand, sweat-labored wok would be like a child’s play!

DWS709 Review

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Build And Design

As a sliding compound miter saw, DWS709 might leave anyone seeing it for the first time with some misconception in terms of its weight. On the contrary, this saw only weighs marginally more than 50 pounds, which is as lightest as it can be in the range. This unit is perfect for those who are always on the go or often tend to remote works. 

Honestly, its lightweight, the compact design supports you in moving it around simply without breaking a sweat. Thus, you do not need to give it too much of your strength or attention and have more time to focus on other vital matters, like the projects you are working on.

Besides, DEWALT has designed some pads on stainless steel plates to enhance durability for a very long time. 

Cutting Capability

Running on a 15 Amp motor rotating at a no-load speed of 3800 RPM, the DWS709 saw is, by all means, the exact definition of power itself and seems to be a perfect fit for the woodwork of every kind.

Furthermore, it comes with a double bevel feature that will leave you with a striking impression at first glance. But what does double bevel mean? When a saw has two bevel sliders, it can make compound cuts in two sides. That being so, you do not need to flip your workaround just to avoid the risk of messing up the cut line.

Thanks to the back fence design, DWS709 enables you to cut 9-1/2 inches at 90 degrees and 6-5/8 inches for a 45-degree cut. Moreover, it has a miter adjustment of 50-degree to the left and 60-degree to the right. 

In other words, what you need to do is tilt the blade to the right position and it will give a cut at the desired angle. Neat!


When it comes to a good miter saw, you must make it a point to check the accuracy rate of the item. And of course, DWS709 will not let you down. In fact, this DEWALT saw is actually equipped with lots of stunning features to maintain maximum precision. Here is how it manages to do so:

Even when your working place is dimly lit and you have no tools laying around to aid the lighting, the saw can still give you the most precise measurement by marking the miter with a red marker. On the other hand, its cutting accuracy is optimized significantly due to 13 positive stops and an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate.

Overall Usability

Every first-time user will love this tool due to its easy-to-use model. The setting up will not land you in hot water or have you struggle for hours just to get it done – you have our words on this.

Particularly, one of the reasons that make you like this unit is its versatility. In detail, you can freely utilize it for different applications without worrying about compatibility or anything else.

Besides, DWS709 genuinely delivers the safety guard with a transparent blade guard so that you can observe and control the cuts all the time.

It should be mentioned that this DEWALT saw does have a poor dust collection bag. If you want your performance to go off without a hitch, you might want to add a small vacuum to your workshop’s must-have tool list.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and compact enough to move around.
  • Powerful enough to tackle every work you throw at it.
  • Make a precise cut.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile. 

In the mid-range miter saws class, DWS709 really does an incredible job in handling many rough carpentry works and even other professional projects. 


  • Poor dust collection.

Dust collection is the main drawback of the DEWALT sliding compound miter saw. However, it happens with almost every other product of the same line. Hence, if you do not really find this intolerable, the DWS709 is still a great choice. 

Personal Opinion 

Truth be told, DWS709 is an excellent option with a ton of useful features in many small and medium projects that need portability. It is capable of making any cutting job more manageable and smoother, so both hobbyists and professionals should grab it for their toolboxes. 

If you are searching for a budget-friendly, handy miter, you can never go wrong with this unit. Thus, let’s take a look at DWS709 and we bet that you will not be disappointed. 

DWS780 Review 

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Build And Design

Similar to DWS709, DWS780 is considered one of the lightest miter saws with a weight of 56 pounds. Hence, if you happen to carry out different tasks at different places, surely this will come in handy.

At first glance, you can appreciate its sturdy design. Especially, the rigidity and durability are all improved thanks to a solid aluminum base with high ribbing and padded steel plates. 

Also, the combination of hard plastic and stainless steel is more than enough to keep the motor free from all the possible risks, which can prolong its lifespan. Yup, hard plastic is bound to break at some point, but this is the story of a couple more years.

Cutting Capability

Referring to cutting capability, this DEWALT miter saw performs amazingly in such a manner, and it is even second to none. DEWALT has added the cutting ability of both vertical bevels and horizontal miters to this unit. Also, this product is versatile enough to cut a 48-degree bevel on both the left and right sides. 

At the same time, DWS780 is also powered by the 15-amp motor spinning at 3800 RPM like DWS709 in order to generate enough power to go through any wood type without any hassle, even some massive timbers. 

To be more specific, 110mm and 303mm are in turn the maximum cut depth and width that this tool offers. Hence, even large construction timbers will be no match for this beast.


Here is one thing we can say for sure: The accuracy of DWS780 is going to amaze you. In particular, it is capable of generating accurate cuts and easy adjustment thanks to the 10-positive stops. 

On top of that, another innovative feature called a cam lock is beneficial when you want to secure the cutting angle. What you need to do is choose the proper angle and use this cam-lock button.

Simultaneously, an advanced XPS system is designed to shine the LED light along the blade’s length, assisting you in viewing the blade’s teeth’ shadows on the material. 

For this reason, this innovative feature has contributed greatly to the higher accuracy, and you have total control over where the blade is going to land.

What is more, this machine is considered a highly adjustable unit to ensure long-lasting accuracy over time. 

Overall Usability

While DWS709 struggles to collect the flying dust, the DWS780 performs well in collecting more than 75 percent of the particles as the brand has claimed. 

It is all thanks to the advanced and cutting-edge dust control system. For this reason, those nasty particles from cutting wood will never have the chance to make it into your lungs and terrorize your health. 

Most notably, the versatility is genuinely what we highly appreciate about this product. Its potential to handle a vast array of jobs is not limited regardless of bevel, miter, or compound cutting.

Primarily, this tool is quite easy to use and maneuver. So you don’t have to worry about accustoming yourself to the usage even if this is your first time handling a saw.

Pros and Cons


  • Have an advanced XPS feature.
  • Better-than-average dust collection.
  • Massive cutting capacity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.

In comparison with DWS709, DWS780 seems to be on another level with a ton of superb features. What more do you expect from this all-around miter saw? 


  • Quite expensive.

DWS780 is not really an optimal choice for those who are on a tight budget. But its price has said it all. A high-quality unit is accompanied by a high range of costs. Hence, it is still worth a big investment for long-term and beneficial usage.

Personal Opinion

If you have to tend to large projects frequently, this DEWALT saw is indeed what you need to buy. Tackling any workload is not an important matter to this saw.

Compared to DWS709, DWS780 really excels in terms of precision, dust collection, as well as versatility. One of the reasons why it performs better is that it delivers such deep cutting angles, adjustment-free cut line indication. In sum up, once you have bought this tool, it will never fail to help you benefit from its stunning features. 

Final Thoughts: DWS709 vs DWS 780

We do not know if this has occurred to you or not, but DEWALT always has its way to be on top of your recommendation list every time you hit on the market of miter saws. Of course, we are pretty sure that you also recognize this fact after consulting our DWS709 vs DWS780. 

Hopefully, after reading this, you can figure out which unit meets your requirements more and then decide wisely to invest in your toolbox. What are you waiting for, hurry up and grab a miter saw to kickstart your DIY projects? 

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