Difference Between Metal And Wood Drill Bit (A Complete Guide)

The power drills are by far an indispensable tool in households and repairing services. They make it easy for people to hang different objects on the wall, such as pictures, wall clocks, etc. In particular, this tool also has another adequate support which is called “the drill bit.”

These drill bits are freely removable and replaceable. However, these alternatives usually include wood and metal drill bits which need to be differentiated to avoid confusion during use. So, if you want to know more about the difference between metal and wood drill bit, follow this article for more information! Let’s get started!

Difference Between Metal and Wood Drill Bits

What Is A Drill Bit?

The drill bit is a part of the drill with an essential role in drilling holes in the material’s surface. Thanks to it, we can attach nails and hang the object we want quickly. Their only similarity is that these drills will create circular holes. But, these drills do not have the same shape, and they also are not suitable for all-terrain.

There are many different sizes and characteristics for different types of drilling. So what we need to do is consider the right drill bit for every kind of material. Some of the most popular drill bits today are wood, metal, steps, twist, etc.

Some notable structural features of the drill bit:

  • Spiral (auxiliary blades): This part shapes and brings the material out of the drill hole. Drills with denser twists are suitable for hard surfaces, and conversely, ones with more sparse twists are suitable for softer surfaces.
  • The point angle (where the first contact with the surface of the material): the sharpness of this part will determine the drill’s effectiveness.
  • Lip angle: Support your drilling process
  • Length: describe the depth you want to drill

You can find more detailed information about Drillbit through this link.

Metal Drill Bit

The name of this type of drill tells us that its primary use is for metal surfaces. But, of course, they can be used for wood and other surfaces as well.

Since soft surfaces are easily damaged when suffering a significant impact, you’d better be careful when using metal drill bits for wood. Three typical drill bits in the metal drill group are twist drills, step drills, center bits, and core drill bits.

Wood Drill Bit

Wood is a soft surface and easily damaged if the wrong force is used, so it is necessary to have a separate drill bit. This drill is intended for use with wood or possibly similar materials.

Wood drills also come in some outstanding varieties that are suitable for specific situations. For example, Spoon Drill Bit makes trunk holes or small holes in the surface; Spade Bit helps to drill through a piece of wood by its spike, etc.

Difference Between Metal And Wood Drill Bit

From the information mentioned above, you can know a little bit of the essential information between these two popular drills. So here is a summary of the differences between them:


In terms of structure, color is the most recognizable feature to distinguish these two drills. Wood drill bits are usually silver or black, while metal drill bits can be either black copper or gold. Yet, these colors do not follow any color guidelines in the production process. They can also be altered during use. So do not focus on only this factor because sometimes they will be wrong.

Moreover, it is easy to see that almost all wood drill bits have two main parts with two defined functions. The spar has the role of keeping the drill in the correct position, avoiding the misalignment of the drill to damage the wood. The lip is the chisel of the drill bit, which avoids the appearance of flakes. But the metal drill bit comes in a variety of shapes for different purposes.


In fact, both metal drills and wood drills have Twist drills. However, when it comes to Metal Twist Drill, it undoubtedly has two outstanding components consisting of a conical cutter head and a continuous helix. Typically, a point angle of 118° is most commonly used for joint metal surfaces, while a 135° point angle will be ideal for hard surfaces.

As for Wood Twist Bit or be also called the lip and spur drill bits, it can be said to be one of the popular wood drill bits. Because the lip and spur drill bits also include spirals, they also can create a twist pattern on your workpiece.

Since these two types of twist drills share many similarities, you need to pay attention to the small details between them. The only difference between these two drills is their heads. The lip and spur drill bits have a pointed tip, which holds the drill in the right selected position.

Meanwhile, as already mentioned, the metal twist has a conical cutter head which allows the user to conquer hard surfaces.

Operating Principle

The wood drill bit only specializes in wood drilling. By contrast, you can use metal drill bits for both wood and metal surfaces. However, you need to consider before using metal drill bits for sensitive surfaces like wood, or they will crack and damage.

Besides, because it is used for soft surfaces, wood drill bits require less force and energy. The opposite is true for metal drill bits that need you to provide enough power and energy for an effective result.

From the different characteristics mentioned above, including appearance and operating principle, surely distinguishing metal drill bits and wood drill bits will no longer cause any difficulties for you. So stick to the above to recognize them correctly for daily usage.

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Wrapping Up

Using the wrong drill bits can lead to bad results. Through the above article, hopefully, you can know the difference between metal and wood drill bits so you can have practical and handy applications for your work and life.