DEWALT DWE7491RS Review: The Machine For 2021

In the current market, there are many famous brands of table Swanage MWS with a diversity of features and convenience. However, only a few of them maintain product quality consistency and build a lasting reputation, and Dewalt is one of them. One of its famous table saws is the DWE7491RS premium version. Our DEWALT DWE7491RS Review below will help you get the most complete and accurate information about this machine.


Sawing ability

The shredding capacity of this saw is up to 32 1/2 inches. This is greater than most of the table saws currently on the market and gives Dewalt a competitive advantage in power. Even the most potential competitors only stop at the maximum measurement of 25 inches.

Saw blade of Dewalt DWE7491RS

This machine’s blade can create a cut with a maximum depth of 3 1/8 inches at 90 degrees, and the figure at 45 degrees is 2 1/4 inches. This ability of the machine lives up to most of the work requirements of a professional carpenter.

Dado & Table base

This saw also comes with a relatively thick sheet of dado 8 inches in diameter. However, you need to spend extra money to own this accessory because its quality is excellent. This dado’s diameter is even larger than the one that the Makita brand uses (6 inches in diameter).

The whole table has an overall size of 26 3/8 inch x 21 7/8 inch and is composed of aluminum monolithic, so it has excellent compression resistance.

DEWALT DWE7491RS Review in 2021

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The table has the optimal overall size, so there will be plenty of room for you to work more efficiently.

One of the unique designs of this table saw is the gear and fence system, making it much easier to narrow or extend the machine horizontally and vertically. You just need to adjust the knob next to the desk to control this feature during work.

You have three machines’ back steps to extend the fence, depending on what capacity you need. When the wall opens to where you need it, lock it with one click of the lever.

These gear-related designs are unique, making this product even more superior to their competitors in terms of convenience and practicality.

Dust generated during work is also collected through the 2 1/2 inch dust port in the back of the machine, which is the largest of all table saws on the market. It helps you collect wood dust quickly without spilling anything, saving you a lot of time than tending to the task manually.


This saw machine’s motor is 15amp and produces the largest spindle rotation speed ever – 48000 rpm. This is the most powerful table saw machine you will ever know, so professional carpenters worldwide choose it. With such a great capacity, it is capable of penetrating any wooden surface.

Other features


The overall weight of the DWE7491RS is about 90 lbs, which can make it quite hard to maneuver. However, the manufacturer has improved this machine’s mobility by integrating the wheels so that the user can move it easily to the workplace. Therefore, the only thing to do is pick up the saw machine to load it onto the truck’s trunk or transport it back from the car to the ground.

Dewalt table saw storage.

The distinct structure of this machine makes it relatively easy to store. Just push the button and bend down to fold the upper legs, use your feet to fold the lower feet with the foot kick lever, and of course, you don’t have to bend down to do that. The whole process only takes about 1 minute, and you’ve got a neater machine to minimize storage space. Very convenient and effective!

Saw blade

This machine’s saw blade is made from a carbide compound with a diameter of 10 inches and 24 main teeth. You can also spend a little extra money on other saw blades better suited to your job, as it works with most saw blades.

Advantage and Disadvantage


This is an almost perfect product for professional carpenters. The amount of money you have to spend is not much compared with the efficiency when using it.

Furthermore, Dewalt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric saws, and you can count on the quality and durability of this product. Customer care and warranty of a big brand will be taken seriously.

The product includes a solid table base, which increases each saw line’s stability and improves the machine’s performance.


Besides its outstanding advantages, this product still has some notable disadvantages. Quite a few customers have negative feedback about not guaranteeing high turnaround speed when cutting large items or using them for a long time. This may be an issue that manufacturers need to research and find ways to overcome.

Another major problem is that the dado blade doesn’t seem compatible with the machine’s engine. This results in this blade’s performance not maximum, and you may experience some unnecessary problems during use, such as blade splashes, loss of blade control.

FAQs About DEWALT DWE7491RS Review

Who should buy it?

With its features and maneuverability, you can easily recognize the production that created it for professional woodworkers and major project developers. Although the price is not low, it brings very high work efficiency. Therefore, if you are a skilled carpenter and struggle to find a convenient solution, large capacity, and efficiency, the Dewalt DWE7491RS is not a wrong choice.

How good would this saw be for a beginning woodworker on a limited budget?

It was a great saw. Some of its safety features are not found in other saws. If you are short of money, accumulate enough to own this saw because of its outstanding advantages. When you buy a job tool, don’t be afraid to spend your money buying the best because the best will always bring you the highest and most outstanding value. A cheaper tool can be useful for the cost, but it can ruin your job at any time.

Can it cut tile?

This Dewalt brand table saw is designed purely for construction professionals in delivering straight and precise cuts across a wide variety of materials such as plastic, wood, or other soft material cutting. However, you should not use this machine to cut metal or masonry.

See also:

Do the older model accessories, for example, dado throat plates, work on a new DWE7491RS?

The Dado throat panels from old versions are unfortunately not applicable to the DWE7491RS. Dewalt has officially announced the matter on their official website. And they have also released their Dado panels for this new version with significant improvements.

You can also search the hotline phone number of this business for further assistance. The customer service here is of excellent quality so you can get a satisfactory answer.


Above is our full article DEWALT DWE7491RS Review. We hope that, after this article, you will answer your questions about this premium table saw. If you are missing a product like this, order it because it certainly will not disappoint you.