Dewalt Dw745 Vs Kobalt Kt1015 Reviews

Almost all woodworking requires plate saws. However, there are hundreds of different types of table saws available on the market. Our Dewalt Dw745 Vs Kobalt Kt1015 reviews below give a detailed comparison of two of the most popular products on the market today. The comparative information revolves around aspects such as crucial design, power, and features.

You need to consider carefully to choose a product that suits your condition as both have different sizes and capacities.

The difference between Dewalt Dw745 Vs Kobalt Kt1015


Dewalt Dw745

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This Dewalt Dw745 version gets a relatively clean and compact design. Although it still exists at a few not optimal points, this is a worth-buying product in its price range. 

When you place your order, you will receive the full set and there is no need to purchase any separate accessories. This convenience can give you a better experience when going long distances to do the construction work.

In particular, the unique fencing system of Dewalt Dw745 can give you the most accurate figures so you can easily measure and adjust the speed of the saw, which in turn can improve working efficiency. Maximum levels. Its overall dimensions are relatively small – 22.7 x 29.2 x 16.7 inches, which is the smallest of any table saws available on the market. It will help you to have less trouble transporting the machine away as well as save your workspace.

How about The Kobalt KT1015? This model stands out for a reasonably useful rolling rack. There have been reports that it can experience vibration malfunctions when used at full power, only when the motor is misconfigured. This machine also weighs about 68 lbs, much bulkier than its competitor ( Dewalt Dw745 – 73 pounds) in this review.


When choosing a power saw, it is a shortcoming if you ignore the product’s actual power source and capacity. This Dewalt version allows you to use it with a standard motor of a 15 Amp table saw. 

This engine block can provide a maximum power of 1850 watts and a full revolving speed of 3850 RPM. This machine can completely meet the carpenter’s necessary work needs with quite good torque with such performance.

Meanwhile, Kobalt brand products also get a similar engine – 15 RPM. However, it is worth noting that it produces much superior performance than the competition, with a maximum spindle speed of up to 5000 RPM. This performance is by far the best of all modern table saws on the market today. However, many reports from users say that its engine dissipates heat well when used at high speed and continuously.


Easy to use

The Dewalt Model is easy to use machine for beginners. This is because its design quality is reliable and neat. Its T Fence system can make it easier to calibrate machine parameters with straight rails. 

In case you wish to fix the spindle’s load speed, it also supports barrier locking so that you can perform operations that require maintaining a constant rotation speed. 

This design is straightforward to get to know and adapt to novices or beginners. Most table saws need transport units for loading and unloading to professional projects far away. However, this Dws779 doesn’t require you to do so because of its compactness and portability.

The Kobalt KT1015 seems to be more challenging to use for newcomers as it has an entirely different design from other conventional saws on the market.

This saw can handle many different wood sizes, suitable for varying work levels from easy to difficult.

What love about this powerful tool is that it comes with a folding stand. However, you will find it difficult to hold this machine slightly heavier for a long time.

Dust extraction system

This feature is often overlooked when evaluating a table saw. However, the role of this system is that it can make your work more efficient. Dewalt Dw745 has a vacuum cleaner up to 2.5 inches wide, more comprehensive than most other machines on the market. It also integrates a rear dust bag, but the actual performance is only 60-70%.

Although Kobalt has a vacuum cleaner equivalent to the Dws745, the performance is much worse. You will hardly be able to get a significant amount of dust compared to what you need.


Electrical tools must always ensure the highest safety. Because indeed, if you make a particular mistake, you will very quickly crash with it. Dewalt DW745 has enough accessories to provide the necessary security for users. Specifically, it contains a blade guard, which prevents foreign objects from entering during cutting. Integrated also to improving the safety of the machine to the maximum.

Kobalt Kt1015

kobalt kt1015

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The Kobalt Model has been reported to have any problems with the riving knife shaft. However, you can fix this problem quickly by using a pre-use correction. Besides, it also equips you with goggles and earplugs to help you process wood more safely.

Quick Rundown Of Dewalt Dw745


  • Compact and lightweight
  • High torque
  • Easy to adjust the angle of the saw


  • Doesn’t work with Dado knives
  • The improvable blower system

Quick Rundown Of Kobalt Kt1015


  • Good price
  • Simple assembly
  • Attach the carbide blade


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Lock the fence several times
  • Small adjustment knob

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Who Should Buy Dewalt Dws745?

The Dewalt Dws745 is almost perfect for amateurs or novices. However, more professionals can also see it as a backup product in risky situations when working on small projects where spare parts are not always available for the main product.

Who Should Buy Kobalt Kt1015?

This Kobalt machine is more suitable for professional projects due to its outstanding construction and quality. Although the amount seems to be higher than conventional engines, this price cannot be considered expensive compared to the value of its use.


The above are all our general analysis and comparison of Dewalt Dw745 Vs Kobalt Kt1015. Specifically, the aspects being compared are their design and their basic features. 

We hope, through this article, you can distinguish the apparent differences between these two products. Thereby choose the right product for you.