Dewalt Dw745 Vs Dwe7491 Review in Great Detail

All constructions such as protective fences around the house or wooden structures require specialized saws to create impressive and standard cuts. To do this, the saw machines must incorporate the most modern technology. However, it is not easy for you to find a quality saw.

That’s why we bring you this Dewalt Dw745 Vs Dwe7491 Review.

The brand of Dewalt saws is trendy all over the world. The quality and strength of the saws coming from this brand are mostly pretty high.

DWE7491 is the new version and inherits many outstanding features from the old generation versions like DW745. However, the DW745 is already a machine that asserts its quality and long-term durability in the market.

Dewalt Dw745 Vs Dwe7491 Review 2020

To compare these two products to the fullest, I will point out their differences in design, strength, and outstanding features.

Difference between Dewalt Dw745 Vs Dwe7491

Power Comparison

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw

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The DW745 features a 15-amp motor with very high torque speeds, allowing you to cut any type of material, including wood and metal, with ease. With a capacity of 1380 Watts, this machine gives you a spindle speed of up to 3850 RPM under no load.

This is extremely useful as it can give you smoother and faster cuts. It also comes with a huge 10-inch saw blade that allows you to work with thicker and stiffer surfaces while ensuring consistent output. Of course, it also has other smaller options for different tasks.

The modular guard system is easy to customize the cutting speed without much effort. The maximum depth of cut can reach up to 3-1 / 8 inches with a 90-degree cut and 2-1 / 4 inches with a 45-degree cutting angle.

The Dwe7491 also owns a 15 amp motor and can achieve a much better maximum spin speed, at 4800 RPM. The reason is that this machine has high torque in comparison with the old version. The fence system can also improve drum slips, increasing the accuracy of each cut.

Design Comparison

Design is one of the most critical factors that determine the adequate performance of any saw machine. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the pros and cons of designing the saw you intend to buy.

The Dewalt DW745 has a relatively light overall design.

There are quite a few adjustments that can be done semi-automatically. In other words, you will be able to adjust the rotation speed without the required tools, and the operation is much simpler. Besides, its vacuum cleaner system, although not too large in a capacity, is enough for basic tasks.

The Dwe7491 is innovative in its rolling rack design, making it easier to move from one place to another. However, the creation of these wheels could be further improved in terms of size and fixed capacity. It includes a rolling stand for moving the table saw with ease.

You can quickly move it from place to place with its wheeled base whatever many people are unhappy with its design and it could be better.

The dimensions of the Dwe7491 are almost identical to the Dw745 but with a greater weight of 110 pounds. The plus point for this machine is that it has a built-in 2-inch vacuum cleaner port, allowing you to combine with external vacuuming devices for enhanced cleaning after every slice.

Main Features Comparison


Accuracy is always one of the essential points in a power tool. Both machines here have safety features that ensure common standards. Specifically, they include a blade guard, a wire guard system, a saw blade deflection gauge, and a push ladder for users to react promptly to unexpected situations.

However, according to many unofficial statistics, accidents with users’ saws mainly come from inexperienced users. Therefore, if you are new to these machines for the first time, you need to thoroughly study the manuals to understand machine operation’s potential hazards.


The pricing characteristics of these two machines should also be considered. Dw7491RS is more expensive than DW745. However, both of these products have the performance they deserve for their price. Dewalt’s quality of customer service and after-sales service won’t let you down either. You can contact them using a variety of communication channels and get feedback or quick maintenance support.

Dw745 machine stands out with its thick saw blade and enough power for you to cut entirely any wood material without difficulty. Its unique gear fencing also helps the user to make saw lines more straight, minimizing errors or accidents during manipulation and making it easier for the user to control.

The manufacturer also introduces the stainless steel material for making saws to have a longer lifespan than other brand saws because it reduces friction while cutting to a minimum.

DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

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The premium version-Dw7491RS is highly stable as it comes with a sturdy desk for support. More specifically, you can also adjust the track’s gear to expand or narrow in, making the model even more streamlined and portable.

The manufacturer is also confident of convincing the most professional and demanding customers with these high-end features.

Quick Rundown Of Dewalt Dw745


  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable for many years
  • Fixed fence for easy adjustment


  • Small Rip capacity

Quick Rundown Of Dwe7491


  • Large dust port system
  • Integrated Rack and gear system
  • Integrated wheel for movement


  • Expensive
  • There is no highest level of safety.

Who Should Buy Dewalt Dw745?

This is a relatively robust Dewalt model with stable performance enough for beginners to adapt and use. It is also relatively convenient to carry to remote projects. The features of a modern saw are also fully integrated, but the price is not too high.

In short, this machine is capable of assisting you in the best possible way of easy yet highly effective sawing. Thus, if you are new to the use of a chainsaw or only not a professional mechanic, you can consider choosing this product as it completely covers the basics in your home.

Who Should Buy Dewalt Dwe7491?

This enormous power saw is perfect for professional work in large projects and requires high efficiency. It has almost the perfect balance of functionality and performance so that you can handle the most challenging woods in bulk.

The applications of this saw a range from any installation, flooring or decking, jobs where few other tools can assist you. Top speed, power, and endurance are all impeccable. Therefore, if you want or have a passion for doing your woodwork and having enough financial resources, this machine is the best choice for your professional career.

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Above is our full article Dewalt Dw745 Vs Dwe7491 Review. This article has covered most of the comparative aspects of the two machines. From there, you can see, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Dewalt Dw745 is relatively suitable for beginners or unprofessional. The other version is a more advanced machine, more suitable for professional carpenters or mechanics.

Our conclusions are based on analysis and comparison of different technical disciplines. Our proposals contain absolutely no kindness or lack of objectivity. We hope to have provided you with useful information and help you choose the right table saw.