Dewalt Dw745 Vs Dw745s

If you are looking for a perfect table saw, come and get Dewalt Dw745 vs Dw745s. These two excellent products will blow your mind with their powerful motors and portable design.

Which one is better? Scroll down to know what you should choose between them.

Difference Between Dewalt Dw745 Vs Dw745s

1. Power Comparison

These two units from Dewalt have some commonalities in their performances. They are able to cut hard materials with a maximum depth of cut is 3-⅛ inches at 90 degrees and 2-¼ inches at 45 degrees.

In order to provide smooth performance, two machines feature powerful motors with high-speed torques. The maximum speed they can deliver is 3850 rpm, which is quite impressive in the market.

Although they need the same amount of electric energy of 15 amp, the motor of DeWalt Dw745 needs 1400 watts while the rest one needs 1860 watts to run smoothly.

Besides, Dewalt Dw745s has another version for the UK market with a 1300 watts motor.

Thanks to the high-quality steel blade and powerful motors, these machines can deal with different materials, including wood, lumber, medium density fiberboard, and so on. Also, the sharp blade creates perfect and clean cuts no matter what the application.

2. Design Comparison

Both Dewalt Dw745 and Dw745s have the same colors with a combination of black and yellow. These are the typical colors of this brand.

Dewalt Dw745 with compact sizes

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In particular, Dewalt Dw745 has a dimension of 22.72 x 29.21 x 16.73 inches and weighs 45 pounds. It is compact, lightweight, and portable.

Its brother – Dewalt Dw745s, also owns these features with a figure of 22.8 x 23.5 x 18.75 inches and 45 pounds in weight.

However, the Dewalt 745s is accompanied by a bendable stand that is 22.8 x 21.7 x 3.6 inches in dimensions and 13.07 pounds in weight. As a result, the total figure of this product is 26.8 x 17.8 x 27.9 inches with 73 pounds in weight. Meanwhile, it is still easy to store and transport.

Another similar point of the two machines is the blade. Dewalt Dw745 and Dewalt Dw745s are equipped with a 10 inches blade with ⅝ inches arbor size. In comparison to other products in the market, which feature 8 inches blades only, these machines perform better in tear and wear tasks.

The shoe bevels are from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Thanks to this design, users can adjust the blade favorably to make different angular cuts.

The machines are set with some lock mechanisms so that they can stay securely on the top of table stands. A guard system is also applied to these products to save your fingers and hand in working time.

DeWalt Dw745s with a bendable stand

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However, the Dw745 gets a plus point in the fence system, which allows 24 inches rip capacity. For the Dewalt Dw745s, it is 20 inches rip capacity only.

3. Features And Accessories Comparison

These products have the same max rip to the left of the blade and max rip to the right of the blade, which are 12 inches and 20 inches relatively.

Both of them can connect to a handy 2-½ inches dust collection to avoid making your workshop messy, protect and expand your machine lifetime. Also, the metal table is durable for long term usage and flat to make perfectly straight cuts.

An add-on convenience of two machines is the easy access to the Site-Pro Guarding components and the push stick thanks to the onboard storage.

When the blades are broken or become blunt, you can change them easily without any tools. The manufacturer has assembled them very carefully and securely; hence, it may take a long time for the first time to change parts.

They are run by electric energy, yet, there is no battery required because of the corded design.

Full components of Dewalt Dw745 consists of a miter gauge, a push stick, a 10-inch 24-tooth carbide blade, a blade guard, and a job site table saw.

Whilst, the Dw745s includes all of the parts above with a table stand in extra. The bendable stand is 20 inches. When combining with the table saw, the height of them reaches 33 inches in total.

When buying these products, you will get a 3-year limited warranty and a 1-year free service contract. If the products get any defects due to the materials or workmanship, you can get your money back within 90 days since the purchase takes place.

Although they have many outstanding features that other products in the market don’t, they have some small issues as well.

The table saws deliver a high speed, but there is no electric brake. Consequently, it takes time to stop the machines from working.

Another downside of these products is their noise. They are quite loud when running. Hence, you need to wear hearing protection when using these machines.

Quick Rundown Of Dewalt Dw745


  • Compact and portable;
  • Powerful motor with less electric energy required;
  • Able to cut different materials at ease.


  • No electric brake;
  • No bendable stand included;
  • Loud when working.

Quick Rundown Of Dewalt Dw745s


  • Have two versions for different markets;
  • Easy to transport;
  • A bendable stand included;
  • Lower price in comparison with buying Dewalt Dw745 and a stand.


  • No electric brake;
  • Unsuitable for tall people;
  • Loud when working.

Who Should Buy Dewalt Dw745?

Dewalt Dw745 is a robust table saw that can withstand high intense tasks. It is suitable for both family-handymen and workers who need to use the table saw for long hours.

However, they should have a stand in the working places already because the manufacturer doesn’t supply a stand when they buy this product.

In general, it is a great choice to replace their old products.

Who Should Buy Dewalt Dw745s?

No matter who you are, a beginner or a professional, Dewalt Dw745s for you. It is easy to use with Manual Instruction that is accompanied by the product. Besides, it can work smoothly and effectively all day long with intense tasks.

It is favorable for people under 5.6 feet tall due to a height of 33 inches. If you are higher, you should visit a contribution store to try the product first.

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In Conclusion

Both Dewalt Dw745 vs Dw745s are great products that have high performance in job site tear and wear. You can bring them from home to different workplaces thanks to the compact sizes and lightweight products.

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