DeWALT DW745 Review: 5 Reasons to Buy or not Buy

If you are truly serious about woodworking, it is time to invest in a table saw. This cutting arsenal is supposed to make quick and precise cuts through large materials, especially sheets. Moreover, the table saw is more versatile than traditional miter saws. They can crosscut, rabbet, rip, and dado, etc. Too good to be true? Read my article: “Dewalt DW745 Review” to see how a table saw can help with your work.

Dewalt DW745 Review

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Item Weight: 45 lbs
Sizes: 22.7 x 29.2 x 16.7 inches
Style: Jobsite Table Saw
Power: 1850 W

(1300 W 110 V for the UK)

No Load Speed: 3,850 rpm
Capacity: 20-inch rip
Maximum depth: 3-1/8 inches (90 degrees) | 2-1/4 inches (45 degrees)
Cutting head: 10-inch blade
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

All in all, this Dewalt DW745 is outstanding as one of the most compact and sturdy table saws for Jobsite projects. Meanwhile, its motor is still powerful to comfortably cut through almost any workpiece. Moreover, this unit packs with many user-friendly and safety features to secure your work.

All seems good, except for the expense and noise, along with small problems with the dust collection system, etc.

5 Reasons to Buy or Not Buy


  • Being compact and durable over time
  • Powerful motor
  • Quick and precious working in different projects
  • Ease of use
  • Reliable safety features and warranty


  • A bit expensive
  • Not capable enough for large projects
  • Noisy at the highest settings

In-depth Dewalt DW745 Review

A portable and quality build

Lightweight construction is not an essential factor to consider for a table saw, in general, or a job site saw, in particular. Powerful units are often cumbersome to handle, while lightweight versions are crafted with cheap plastic parts.

Hilariously, Dewalt DW745 keeps an excellent balance. This saw is built with quality iron and steel parts, and the overall weight is still medium – only 45 lbs. At this rate, you can easily transport the tool from home to work and back.

The dimensions are 22.7x29x16.7 inches, and a table measures 22×16 inches. It means the Dewalt DW745 is open and comfortable enough for you to work with big materials.

Powerful motor and capacity

You might be hesitant about the capacity, knowing that the Dewalt DW745 is portable.

It makes sense because most compact table saws we know are limited in working scale. They often use a portable universal motor instead of the hefty induction motor. Consequently, those units are a bit short on muscle and even noisy.

Surprisingly, Dewalt DW75 runs on a robust 15A, 1.74 HP torque motor. This torque technology helps deliver significant torque at low speeds to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the cuts. In fact, the motor can spin the 10-inch blade of Dewalt saw at a 3850 RPM no-load rate through hardwood, pressure-treated lumber, and more.

Quick and precious cutting

The blade of Dewalt DW745 is 10-inch wide, along with 24 sharp teeth. You can even adjust the cutting angle because there are shoe bevels included from 0 to 45 degrees. The maximum cutting depth is 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees. The best rip capacity is 20 inches. The arbor size, on the other hand, is 5/8 inches.

With such a variety of cutting capacity, the Dewalt DW745 can quickly cut and rip through thick materials without problems.

Ease of use

Apart from being compact and powerful, the DW745 is even easy to use.

First in line, the machine features quick installation and setting up. All to do is to snap on the fence and kick off a wrench to pull it off.

The adjust-ability, when it comes to the blade, is the second user-friendly factor. To be exact, you can adjust the height with the hand crank and the cutting power with the bevel lock. Besides, the blade guards tilt-up quickly at any measurement with the pro modular guarding mechanize.

Thirdly, the cast tabletop is durable and sturdy enough to help improve the precision of any projects.

Reliable safety features

Another plus of any Dewalt tools is the safety features, even though they might increase the overall prices. The manufacturer is truly serious about securing the woodworking.

This DW745 is no exception.

For example, there is a steel roll cage to protect the delicate blade against sudden drops or external impacts. Together with it, the rack, pinon fence, rear, miter gauge, and front fence lock also help.

Especially, the table surface is covered with durable material to minimize friction and increase cutting performance across the board.


The most disadvantage is the price, which is much higher than other units with similar power and cutting capacity. However, the price makes sense to consider the quality build and reliable performance of the Dewalt DW745.

Not for heavy-duty projects

Although Dewalt DW745 is much more potent (while still being compact) than many table saws at its pricing category, the capacity is still a bit limited for significant woodworking tasks.

A bit noise

We expect this table saw to run quietly, but it does not.

At the highest speed, it turns out to be loud and a little annoying for ears if you continuously work for a long time. Thus, you should neither work at night nor without ear defenders.

Not smooth cuts

Dewalt DW745 cuts very fast and accurately. Nonetheless, the cutting surface is not perfectly smooth. If possible, we want the manufacturer to improve the rip fence so that it can align itself with the smoother cuts.

So-so dust management

Another small complaint is about the dust collection system. 2-inch dust management is simple to complete a decent job. But it is not fully enclosed.


Does this saw support dado capacity?


The manufacture fails to indicate that the DW745 can not work with a dado set. This is a significant lack.

How can I mount the saw to a stand?

Because the unit is not for heavy-duty projects, you might not need a stand. But, you can mount it to a stand for safety’s sake.

That time, you need to remove the rubber feet and bott the unit to the stand’s brackets.

What is the voltage?

This table saw is built to work with the U.S electric standards, meaning it works with 110V – 120V outlets.

In case you want to connect the tool with a 220V outlet, remember to use a voltage converter.

Dewalt DW745 vs. DWE7480, which is better?

In brief, Dewalt DW745 beats over the DW7480 in terms of portability and versatility for most materials. Even more, the DW745 is a better deal in terms of price and available accessories.

Meanwhile, the DWE7480 is more potent with a higher RPM.

Last Verdict

To sum up from the “Dewalt DW745 Review”, if you are looking for a decent and easy-to-use table saw for small to medium Jobsite projects or you need to carry the tool around frequently, the DW745 is definitely the first choice.

The quality and performance of the tool are backed up by the well-known Dewalt brand.

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