Dewalt DW734 Review – You Should To Read This Article

So far, DeWalt has been well-known for is power and hand tools to help with woodworking projects. Thus, it makes sense to look for DeWalt when you plan for a thickness planer and land on our Dewalt DW734 review.

Keep reading to figure out whether this unit is a well-worth investment.

Dewalt DW734 Review

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Item Weight: 80 lbs
Sizes: 24 x 17 x 21 inches
Style: Flat benchtop wood planer
Power: 110V/120V corded-electric sources
Horsepower power: 2.17 HP
Capacity: 20,000 RPM
Maximum depth: 1/8 inch
Cutting head: 3 reversible knives
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

In sum, the Dewalt DW734 12-1/2″ thickness wood planer offers quick and precious cuts in various materials, both softwood and hardwood. In addition, they are user-friendly for both beginners and pro workers. The most prominent advantages are its price and noise, though.

Pros and Cons


  • Portable and quality benchtop planer
  • Robust motor power to handle various tasks
  • Fast and accurate cutting capacity
  • Reliable and user-friendly set of knives
  • Effective dust and debris collection
  • Additional safety features


  • Pricey tags
  • Expensive knife replacement
  • Noisy motor

In-depth Dewalt DW734 Review

A benchtop thickness wood planer

First, in line, Dewalt DW734 is a benchtop thickness planer.

This style of planer gives off a balance between portability and functionality. Accordingly, the benchtop Dewalt unit is not as heavy as industrial planers, whereas it can handle more lumber at a time than a handheld planer.

Quality and portable build

Considering the quality, Dewalt DW734 sells itself. All parts are made of premium materials. This adds significant cost, but the unit is robust and sturdy over time without wears and tears.

Another factor to praise is the compact dimension compared to other thickness wood planers. To be exact, Dewalt DW734 is 80 lbs and 24 x 17 x 21 inches.

More excitingly, the tool has an open space, including extra-long infeed and extensive outfeed tables to help with maneuverable pieces of stock. At a glance, you possibly tell whether the finish lives up to expectations. Just for your note, you have to buy infeed, outfeed tables, and set of knives separately.

Robust motor power

While most DeWalt tools are far from cheap, they are also meant to be powerful. Obviously, you get what you pay for. This formidable Dewalt DW734 is no exception.

Specifically, the unit adopts a 15 Amps motor that is powerful enough to tackle both hardwood and softwood projects. The planer can move at an impressive speed of 10,000 RPM or even 20,000 RPM at this rate. As a result, you can expect quality and smooth cutting capacity up to 95 cuts per inch.

Width and thickness capacity

When it comes to a wood planer, you must pay attention to cutting capacity, including the maximum width and thickness.

In terms of width capacity, Dewalt DW734 features a maximum stock of 12 inches and a half. This rate is much more sufficient for almost all casual or commercial projects.

The average depth capacity is 6 inches, and the maximum thickness is only 1/8 inch. This extra thickness is a big plus, coming to think that most commercial units only support 1 and 1/2 inches thick. Using Dewalt DW734, you can even deal with raw lumber.

Set of disposable & reversible knives

A Dewalt DW734 comes with three cutter-head knives that run at 10,000 RPM and 96 CPI. These rates are often found at pro stationary planers rather than the small unit like the DW734.

Plus, with the power, these razor-sharp knives are reversible and 30% longer than the traditional planer knives. They come with a two-speed gearbox to optimize the speed. The slower speed is to remove various materials at one, and the faster one is ideal for generating smooth cuts through the materials with a little sanding.

In drawback, those reversible knives usually get dinged after a while, and you need to replace them with new ones. Fortunately, with Dewalt DW734, the replacement is fast and easy.

Effective dust collection

With such a powerful wood planner like DeWalt DW734, an effective dust collection system is often required to manage with wood debris and sawdust in time.

Good to know that this tool does support this feature. Even better, you can make use of the dust hood available to get the dust port connected to an external vacuum or standing debris collector for effortless cleanup.

Ease of use and safety

We appreciate that this thickness wood planer comes with many powerful features and accessories to handle challenging tasks. Meanwhile, it is still easy to use for beginners.

Safety features are also excellent.

Specifically, the sharp cutter heads are covered by a hood so that you will not accidentally hurt yourself. Furthermore, there is a power switch button that is easy to reach in emergent cases.

Notably, the 4-column lock is equipped to reduce the movement near the end of the board that can cause snipe or material damages.

Truly helpful!

A bit noise

The unit performs well but is loud at high speed.

The DeWalt DW734 might not be so noisy that your neighbors will clock at your door to complain. However, it still causes ear pain if you work for a long time. Thus, you had better buy a pair of ear defenders for your sakes.

Price and warranty

Dewalt tools are hardly cheap because they are carefully built to last for years and backed with reliable warranty policies.

Take the DeWalt DW735, for example.

This planer features sturdy infeed and outfeed tables to cut every material with hardly wears or tears. Under proper use and maintenance, you can expect the DeWalt DW734 to work well for 4 to 6 years.

Besides, the package supports a 3-year limited warranty and 1-year FREE service contract for your good.

FAQs About Dewalt DW734 Review

Are infeed and out-feed carriage lock adjustable?

No, we might confirm.

The lock seems non-adjustable. Fortunately, the waxed feed tables are slightly angled down to prevent snipe right from the start. Thus, you can rest assured as long as the boards are locked. Otherwise, you can make use of small cuts to avoid accidental snipe.

Can I run the Dewalt DW734 on 220V power?

No, this Dewalt DW734 is 110V, which is compatible with 3 prong lug U.S.

Can this unit be taken apart?

Theoretically, the unit is possibly taken apart, mostly for transportation purposes. However, make sure you know how to reassemble those parts correctly.

Can I resharpen the knives?

The knives are dimming over time, and when they fail to cut accurately and smoothly, you must replace them with fresh ones – rather than resharpen them.

You can buy a new set from the manufacturer.

Is the dust hood included or sold separately?

Yes, the dust hood is coming in the package.

It is a plastic piece that possibly fits over the back of the wood planer. There is even a port to get it connected with a vacuum or dust collector.

Is Dewalt DW734 for beginners?

As we mentioned earlier, yes.

Not only does the unit is simply built, but the instruction is very comprehensive to follow. The safety features are also equipped to guarantee the experience of both beginners and professionals.

Last Verdict

From the DeWalt DW734 above, it is concludable that this unit is well-worth purchasing. The performance is far enough for small to medium woodworking projects. Not to mention, its interface is user-friendly.

The price is high, but you obviously should not pay too cheap for a reliable and useful tool.

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