Dewalt DW715 Review – The Ideal Saw or any DIY Enthusiast

Are you looking for a miter saw that delivers enough power to cut through even the hardest wood? If yes, then the miter saw is the ultimate choice for you. This saw has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around the workshop. Read my article: “Dewalt DW715 Review” below for more information.

Dewalt DW715 Review

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Whether you want to cut crown molding or baseboards, the Dewalt DW715 Miter Saw is designed to deliver worksite durability and accuracy for all your cutting needs. The 12-inch saw provides enough cutting length to cut 4×4 baseboards in one pass. The machined-base fence offers support for optimizing cutting accuracy. The precise miter system guarantees that you can make accurate cuts even without prior experience in using miter saws. The dust port in the saw ensures that you maintain a clean working area without any dust and debris.

Portable lightweight design

Most miter saws in the market are considerably heavy and hence quite hard to move it around in the workshop or in any other area you want to use the saw. The Dewalt DW715 saw is a compact saw that features a lightweight design. With a weight of only 42 pounds, the saw is light or easy portability. What is more amazing about the saw is that it comes with an inbuilt carry handle that makes it possible to lift the miter saw comfortably. The handle has a cam lock with a miter detent override which eliminates the need for twisting the handle for locking in the angle.

This single-bevel compound saw is made using a genuinely hard metal and plastic combination that makes the saw hardy and solid or constant movement from one point to the other. The miter saw holds up well against the destructive effects it may be exposed to when on the Jobsite.

Powerful for quick and accurate cuts

This 12-inch compound miter saw is powered by a powerful 15 amp motor that provides an impressive 4000 rpm no-load fast speed. The powerful motor combined with the high speed makes tasks such as miter cutting, cross-cutting, and frame cutting quite quick, easy and effortless to accomplish. The motor runs on mains power and as such, with a stable power supply, the miter saw promises to deliver consistency or all your cutting needs.

The DW715 saw has a durable design that provides for a flexible setup that has optimum accuracy for a variety of applications. The stainless-steel detent plate in this compound miter saw has 11 positive stops that allow you to customize your cuts as you wish. The detent plate enables you to override miter stops thereby making it easy to adjust to the preferred setting while ensuring that the saw does not slip into the detents. The cam-lock miter in the handle allows for detent override.

Dewalt DW715 Review: Safety and dust collection

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to using compound miter saws. This is because the blades in these saws have the potential of inflicting grave injuries and cuts that can even lead to death. When using the Dewalt DW715 saw, you need not worry about your safety or that of other people working around the saw. This compound miter saw comes with a transparent blade guard that is made from hard plastic. The transparency of the guard allows you to follow the blade as it cuts through boards and wood.  As such, the guard not only enhances safety but also guarantees accuracy and precision when making fine cuts. It is worth noting that the blade guard does not inhibit blade changing in any way.

The dust port in the Dewalt DW715 collects dust and stores it in the dust bag so that you can have a clean working platform. However, the dust port is not entirely 100% efficient as anyone would wish it to be. This is because as much as it is highly reliable, it still allows some dust to get away and hence you may need to clean the workstation later. Additionally, you may have to empty the dust bag frequently since the bag does not have a high holding capacity.

Precision and user-friendly

Precision is arguably the middle name of the Dewalt DW715 compound miter saw. The saw boasts of a well-crated and nicely designed miter base. The base makes it possible for the saw to have a stable stance when cutting through wood and boards. This stability not only guarantees that the saw remains in a fixed position throughout the cutting session but also that it promotes the safety of using this miter saw. Overall, the stability of the miter base enables the miter saw to withstand bumps and hits without any issues whatsoever.

This useful and quality power tool is designed with a user-friendly appeal and approach. From its ease of operation to convenient handling, the saw does not require you to have any extensive skills in handling and operating the saw. The user guide that comes with the saw is detailed and provides step by step guidance on operating and using the saw effectively and safely.

Adjustable bevel & miter plates

The Dewalt D715 miter saw gives its users options by allowing them to decide how they want their cuts to be in terms of size, shape and any other dimensions. This saw comes with multiple bevel options as well as numerous stops on the miter plates and bevel.  This adjustable feature allows you to cut the board at unique angles or even cut large pieces of wood and board. The high speed of the motor coupled with the adjustable bevel provides you with a powerful saw that has no limitations whatsoever.

There is a total of 11 positive stops on the miter plates and a 0-50 degrees range. You can adjust the bevel from zero degrees up to 46 degrees. This makes it easy to rely on the saw for a variety of cutting uses in the workshop especially if you are fond of undertaking complex DIY tasks. The saw comes in handy in helping you actualize your building plans and ideas on real projects.


  1. Powerful and strong 15-amp motor
  2. Ability to make perfect crosscuts on thick lumber
  3. Adjustable bevel and 11 positive miter plate stops
  4. Maximum cutting speed of 4,000 rpm
  5. Lightweight, sturdy and solid construction


  1. Lacks a laser marker guide

Personal Opinion

Based on the reviews let for this sturdy and solid saw by people who have been using the saw, it goes without saying that the saw enjoys a good reputation and recognition in the market. The fact that the saw is able to combine smooth performance and incredible accuracy makes it one of the must-have tools or any DIY enthusiast as well as professional woodworkers. Most users seem to love the fact that this tool comes with a flexible and adjustable bevel that enables them to make any type of cuts they wish with the saw.


Dewalt DW715 Review: Overall, the model is a high-end compound miter saw that is worth investing in. The solid design and build of the tool guarantee that it will last a lifetime while still remaining efficient, reliable and dependable.  The potential of the saw will definitely make it easy or you to polish and perfect your woodwork and sawing skills.

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