Dewalt DCS391 Vs DCS393: What Is Good Choice?

The circular saw is a specialized electric tool commonly used in carpentry workshops to cut, cross, vertically or diagonally across wood without requiring too much effort. Both the Dewalt DCS391 and Dewalt DCS393 have a fairly compact design, easy to use, and offer many benefits to improve work efficiency. This Dewalt DCS391 Vs DCS393 will give you further details about their power, portability, and features.

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Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS393

1. Power Comparison Dewalt DCS391 Vs DCS393

Working capacity is an important factor when determining which saw you should buy. However, you can not rely on this feature with Dewalt DCS391 or Dewalt DCS393 because they all have 460W capacity. That is a relatively large number for a handheld device. It is suitable for the main purpose of sawing wood, mixing billet, cutting head, cutting mortar and cutting groove.

It would be best if you pay close attention to the thickness of the wooden boards to create the best results. Both of these circular saws can only work on wood up to 8cm thick.

So, what are the Differences between Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS393?

The DEWALT-DCS391 high-end version uses a hybrid engine with a maximum power of 20V and a maximum torque of 5150 rpm. It is also equipped with a 6.5 inches saw blade in diameter.

With such a large capacity, you can use it to saw, cut straight lines and diagonal of wood for shaping needs. Moreover, the machine also supports the ability to cut 45 degrees with a maximum depth of no more than 6cm.

Dewalt DCS 391

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Dewalt DCS393 uses a Lithium-ion 18v XR technology battery exclusively from the Dewalt brand. The machine works with an idle speed of 3,700 rpm, much lower than the Dewalt DCS391 series from the same manufacturer.

However, it still possesses a sharp, strong 6.5-inch saw blade with a 60-tooth all-round design and a protective rim that restricts dirt. This is the outstanding feature of the Dewalt DCS393 saw that helps the machine operate strongly, and ensure beautiful, smooth cutting lines.

2. Design Comparison

When purchasing, size, material and design are also very important factors. The good materials will help the product to be durable and withstand negative impacts from the environment. Besides, the saw blade will also be sharp and give a much better cutting effect.

In terms of design, a compact chainsaw will help your workspace look more minimal and neat. Please try the product to see if using it feels comfortable.

Both Dewalt DCS391 and Dewalt DCS393 are designed within the manufacturer’s safe zone. It is shown on the outside with the familiar yellow and black colour of the company and the familiar grille system of traditional machines.

The centre is the DEWALT logo printed out loud and clear. Both machines are equipped with a saw blade protector to ensure safety and avoid dust and electric sparks. The highlight creates elegance and modernity for both machines comes from the silver part on the case, which acts as a protective layer for the engine.

Going deeper into each saw, the Dewalt DCS391 has dimensions of Length x Width x Height, respectively 8.5 x 15.5 x 10.5 inches, machine weight reaching 7.1 pounds.

In terms of compactness, the Dewalt DCS393 loses a bit more when it comes to three-dimensional dimensions of 12.5 x 9 x 10 inches, respectively. The standard length of this machine is 4 inches longer than the 391 models, but the height and width are much smaller. So, if you need to find a machine that can be stored in narrow spaces, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Dewalt DCS393 

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Both machines are equipped with sturdy rubber-coated handles, easy to grip when operating. Dewalt DCS391 and Dewalt DCS393 also come with plastic handrails that allow users to press on comfortably and firmly during the operation.

3. Features Comparison

Both machines have a great feature of the handheld disc saw a line that owns a large cutting speed (can rotate up to 5,500 rpm), so it can improve labour productivity. At the same time, the manufacturer also equips the power rating of the machine is moderate, so it consumes less energy while you operate the machine.

They are all powered by batteries so you can completely use the machine continuously for many hours without worrying about damage. Another great thing is that you can comfortably work outdoors without worrying about finding a power outlet. All you need to do is fully charge the battery or equip an extra battery to be able to use the device all day long, anywhere.

In terms of sound reduction, there are no significant differences between these two. Both the Dewalt DCS391 and DCS393 are not really impressive. At many speed ranges, these models produce a fairly loud and jarring noise. Discomfort will increase when users use enclosed spaces or cut iron or metal.

However, for a machine that favours compact size and performance, not having great sound insulation is not too surprising. But more or less, the above factors will cause the user’s not to be excited when using for a long time.

Dewalt DCS 391 and Dewalt DCS 393 use a 5/8″ Arbor accessory connection port. The machine can be combined with other equipment such as saw rip fences to bring better working efficiency.

The machine saw blade can also be changed to a larger or smaller diameter, depending on the carpenter’s needs. You also need to buy more batteries because the manufacturer did not attach the battery with the device.

Quick Rundown Of Dewalt DCS391


  • Saws quickly, strongly, and decisively all materials.
  • Uses Lithium-Ion 18V battery XR technology
  • Compact, suitable for square spaces
  • Light-weight


  • Can not execute curves on the wood surface

Quick Rundown Of Dewalt DCS393


  • Uses Lithium-Ion 20V battery XR technology
  • Powerful performance, easy-to-use machine design
  • Luxurious and elegant design
  • Flexible, battery life is enough to work for a long time without plugging in


  • Can not execute curves on the wood surface.
  • Heavyweight
  • Large size, not suitable for narrow spaces

Who Should Buy Dewalt DCS391 Vs DCS393?

In general, DEWALT DCS 391 is a model that meets many needs of customers at present. It is very suitable for young customers who need a compact and lightweight device that is easy to move. If you need a machine with a relatively large capacity, fuel economy, durable and accurate operation, this device will satisfy you.

However, if you need to do the work too heavy and need a lot of capacity, then you should consider choosing other models.

DEWALT 393 is also targeted at young people like DEWALT 391. However, this machine has a poorer maximum saw blade speed, so it cannot be used in power demanding jobs. It is more suitable for home and light work tasks.


DEWALT is a famous name from the US, possessing the most advanced production technology in the world. Dewalt DCS391 and DCS393 disc saws possess an eye-catching appearance; overall the machine is made of high-quality materials. They are both saws and cutters, allowing for the ability to work on a variety of materials. Each machine has its strengths and weaknesses, suitable for working with different tasks.

We hope that through our comparison between Dewalt DCS391 vs DCS393, you now have a proper look at their specs and features. Thank you for reading.

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