DEWALT DCS380B Review – A Reciprocating Saw Worth

Are you a newbie to the DIY world and seeking a reciprocating saw for an addition to your tool bag? Or are you a professional contractor, electrician, and want to replace your old saw? If you are among these cases, don’t worry too much as we are here to help you. Welcome to our DEWALT Dcs380b review!

We have summarized many appealing features in this little post to help you get a better understanding of this unit. Stay tuned and take a deeper dive into this article right now. 

Outstanding Features Of Dewalt DCS380B Review

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Build And Design

When you take a glance at this reciprocating saw for the very first time, what do you notice most? Eye-catching design? Compact build? Durability? 

Well, it must be the compact design. Every DIYer, woodworker, carpenter all love a lightweight, compact yet versatile saw to deal with their several types of works. And look no further since you have found out this one. 

The DEWALT DCS380B weighs about 6 pounds and has a tool length of 18-inch. Hence, it is lightweight and compact enough for you to maneuver and move around the working space to tackle several jobs.

Moreover, in order to bring optimal comfort and control, this tool has been equipped with a rubber over-molded comfort grip, which results in vibration and fatigue reduction. 

Another superior feature that we have to emphasize is its flexibility to work in low light environments. We mean that it comes with a LED work light to illuminate every dark corner so that you can keep track of what you are doing. For this reason, it is much easier to get precision results of cutting. 

Cutting Capability

In terms of cutting capability of the reciprocal saw line, you have to pay attention to the stroke. Longer strokes will contribute significantly to aggressive cutting. And DEWALT DCS380B never fails to make you satisfied. 

Specifically, it features up to 3000 strokes each minute and has 1-1/8-inch in length. We bet that you will be amazed at how fast its cutting speed is apart from high precision.  

In addition, a 4-position blade clamp is designed for flush cutting as well as the increased versatility in blade position. In detail, you can approach some hidden or obscure parts of a piece of wood at more complicated angles. 

It cannot be denied that the combination of the power and versatility has incredibly made this DCS380B perfectly fit for everyone to add to their toolboxes.  

On top of these excellent features, there is also a pivoting adjustable shoe that assists the depth of cut control as well as extends the blade life.


When looking for a long-lasting reciprocating saw, you might not get many results at all. Some products can get so many tasks done, but they are not as durable as you expected. But Dewalt DCS380B certainly meets all your demands. 

You can make the most out of the Dewalt saw several times without worrying about any problems affecting its endurance. Besides, this saw is genuinely a great deal because of the 3-year warranty included with the product. If any issues happen to the saw, you are able to make a replacement for free.

For this reason, it receives lots of praise and support from contractors, carpenters, and other professionals. 

On top of that, this reciprocating saw also makes a great contribution to the durability thanks to a double oil sealed shaft.

Overall Usability

Because DEWALT DCS380B is introduced as a cordless device, you can rest assured that the tripped-on cords situation will not happen, so you can focus totally on cutting to make precision as a result. 

Furthermore, equipped with a 20V MAX Li-Ion battery, DEWALT DCS380B is claimed to pack plenty of power to help you handle a variety of jobs quickly. It potentially boasts up to 82% more power, up to 181% more runtime, as well as 2.88x faster application speed. Your works will be done quickly and effectively. 

But the problem is that this item is just a bare tool without the battery, charger, and blade included. You had better think carefully about whether you should purchase the DCS380B or not in case you do not want to pay extra for these accessories.

Additionally, its variable trigger is another subtle yet outstanding aspect that we must emphasize. You can easily control the speed at which you saw through thanks to this feature. Hence, it creates a good chance for you to experience much faster and more intense dynamic performances.  

In sum, we assure you that DEWALT DCS380B will give you top-notch overall usability.  

Pros And Cons


  • Lightweight and compact for easy maneuver.
  • Anti-slip comfort grip. 
  • Have 4 position blade holders for closer cuts.
  • Powerful enough to tackle every task.
  • Come with a pivoting adjustable shoe.

As you can see, the DEWALT saw offers lots of innovative features and patented technology, from power, speed, performance to precision for many job site projects. How perfect it is! 


  • Both batteries and saw blades are sold separately.
  • High price.

Similar to other products on the market, DEWALT DCS380B does have some drawbacks. The noticeable disadvantage of this product is its high price, along with an additional fee if you intend to buy a battery, charger, and blades. 

On the other hand, it is still worth your purchase due to the aforementioned things, so you should give it a try.

Personal Opinion

If you are in the market searching for a high-quality reciprocating saw, you must not overlook the DEWALT DCS380B. 

First and foremost, the brand DEWALT has long been a well-known name for manufacturing high-quality power tools and hand tools. And the saw is absolutely one of them. Thus, there is no need for further argument about whether DEWALT’s saws are good or not. 

In particular, DEWALT DCS380B does an incredible job of enhancing productivity as well as the performance of the cutting process. It is capable of cutting through many different types of materials along with the fast, precise cutting performance as well as great versatility. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that this product is in no way inferior to other models in its class. Especially, it provides you with an easy-to-use design that is utilized by first-time users right from the start without any difficulty. 

However, its high range of costs will be a huge obstacle for those who seek affordable yet effective products. But remember that you can benefit a lot from the DCS380B’s ability. 

In Conclusion

It must be mentioned that DEWALT DCS380B is an excellent saw to use in the workplace. We are pretty sure that there is no considerable drawback that will dramatically affect your results. For this reason, you should take this item into consideration to support your projects. 

And we do hope that our DEWALT DCS380B review will be of great help in strengthening your decision to invest in this amazing tool. Now, it’s time to go shopping and let your dream of carrying out DIY projects come true!

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