DeWalt DCS367 vs DCS387: Spec & Feature Comparison

When you look at the specs and design of DeWalt DCS367 vs DCS387, they look nearly identical.

In fact, the DeWalt DCS367 comes out more than a year after the DeWalt DCS387. So you can tell that the DeWalt DCS367 is the successor of DeWalt DCS387 with some improvements.

But what is the difference? To answer that question, we will compare the power, portability, and features of the DeWalt DCS367 and DCS387 in this article.

Difference between DeWalt DCS367 vs DCS387


Both of them are compact models. But they are still pretty powerful. Of course, they are not as powerful as regular saw models, like circular saws.

Specifically, they both can move up to 2900 SPS (Stroke Per Second) with a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches.

So, we can tell that both have the best cutting performance in their class.

If you use 3/4-inch ETM, both can cut an embedded 2 x 10 PT plank of wood in just 1.17 seconds.

So, is there any difference in power? Yes, it is all about brushless motors.

The DeWalt DCS367 comes with a brushless motor, but the DeWalt DCS387 does not.

What does it mean to you? It can work continuously for longer periods. The DeWalt DCS367 can provide up to 2.5 times more run time.


Like we said before, both are compact reciprocating saws. So they are smaller than regular models. Their sizes are a bit different, though. The DeWalt DeWalt DCS367 is shorter in length but bulkier in width than DeWalt DCS387.

Specifically, the DeWalt DCS367’s dimensions are 14.5 x 6 x 7 inches. And the DeWalt DCS387’s dimensions are 14.75 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches.

So you can tell the Dewalt DCS367 is more compact but heavier.

It may look like a disadvantage at first. But certainly, it is not. Because of DeWalt DCS367’s size, you can hold it in your hands more firmly.

Both support 5000mAh batteries, so they weigh the same – at around 5 pounds. In other words, they are pretty heavy even though they are compact models.

With DeWalt DCS 367’s better grip, it is more comfortable when working for a long time.



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As compact saws, both do not have any superior features like premium tools. Their feature sets are pretty basic but still very good.

That said, the feature side of them is identical.

They have level-action blade release on the side of the handles but not sharp-mounted twisted locks. From our view, we like to use level-action blade release more.

They do not have adjustable lengths, active blade ejections but still have LED lights.

Here are the things they are all missed:

  • Orbital action,
  • Variable speed selection,
  • Adjustable shoe,
  • Rafter hook,
  • Blade Ejection,
  • Smart Control.

Their strength when compared to other compact saws is their four-position blade clamps. That makes them excellent for flush cutting.

With these, you can switch the orientation of blades easily. It supports four different positions: 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees, which makes them more versatile.

Because of their compact sizes, you can use them in nearly all situations. They can go where other types of saws can not, like in confined spaces.

It can easily go through studs and provides the best solution for anyone who needs a saw for tight situations. Their compact design also enables you to work easily in tight workspaces.

One more thing you should consider before buying these saws is their bad vibration control. DeWalt is known for bad vibration control across their line of reciprocating saw. And these saws are not the exceptions.

Now, let’s talk about accessories. When you buy one of these saws, they will come with a 5000mAh battery and a power station. Batteries come with a 3-year free service warranty.

You can buy them with a starter kit which will give you all the necessary accessories:

  • Pivoting shoe,
  • Additional tool storage with a soft bag,
  • Two 20V MAX 5000mAh XR batteries,
  • Charge all 60V, 20V, 12V, and MAX batteries at a 4-amp charging rate.

Quick Rundown Of DeWalt DCS367


  • Fast cutting speed,
  • Best-in-class cutting performance,
  • Better grip,
  • Come with a brushless motor,
  • Can work for a longer period.


  • Vibration control is bad.
  • Bulkier design.

Quick Rundown Of DeWalt DCS387


  • Fast cutting speed,
  • Best-in-class cutting performance,
  • Sleeker design,


  • Vibration control is bad,
  • Do not come with a brushless motor,

Who Should Buy DeWalt DCS367

You should buy DeWalt DCS367 if you need to be cut between studs but still want fast cutting speed.

Its compact size is perfect for anyone working in tight places, too.

And because it comes with a brushless motor, which means it can work continuously for longer periods. So you definitely should buy it if you are a hard-worker who needs to work for long periods without a break.

But if vibration control is a big priority for you, consider finding other machines.

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Who Should Buy DeWalt DCS387

Like DeWalt DCS367, DeWalt DCS387 is very good when you need a saw cutting between studs, or when you work in tight workspaces.

However, because it just has a regular motor, it can not in a long time like DeWalt DCS387. So you should not buy it if you need to work continuously for a long time.

And DeWalt DCS387 still has bad vibration control like its brother, so you should not buy DeWalt DCS387 if it is a big deal for you.


In our experience, both are very powerful compact saws. And like every DeWalt’s product, they are very ergonomic, too.

With their compact design, they are useful for nearly all tasks. They cut nail-embedded wood very easily.

DeWalt DCS367 is obviously meant to work continuously for a long time because of its brushless motor and better grip design.

DeWalt DCS387 is still a very good product if you do not need to use it for long periods.

Hope that after reading this DeWalt DCS367 vs DCS387 comparison, you can buy a compact saw that suits your needs. Thanks for reading!