DeWalt DCS367 Review

Are you finding a lightweight reciprocating saw? If it is true, then maybe you should consider buying DeWalt DCS367. This product is lightweight and very comfortable but still has a very fast cutting speed. It is by far the best compact saw on the market that you could find today. In this DeWalt DCS367 Review, we will talk about the features, portability, and power so that you can find a good tool that suits your needs.

Also, we will compare it with Makita’s Sub-Compact Recipro Saw, as those are the only two professional brands playing in this market.

DeWalt DCS367 Review in Great Detail

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Despite the DeWalt DCS367 is a compact model, it has a 1-⅛ inches stroke length that can spin very fast, capable of 2900 Stroke Per Second.

That means this machine is the fastest cutting performance compact saw available today.

We used it to cut a plank of wood that has 2 × 9 PT with five nails. And it was being cut in half with this machine with just 16.31 seconds. That is enough to beat Makita XRJ07 to second place in our test. Makita XRJ 07 can cut it in half for 16.40 seconds, just 0.09 seconds longer.

But if you work with ¾-inch ETM, the cutting speed will be drastically reduced to just 1.17 seconds. In the case of Makita, it can be done in 1.58 seconds.

Some other one-hand models that can get closed are Kobalt and Ridgid. But the cutting speed of them is still much slower compared to DeWalt DCS367.


Design DCS367

DeWalt DCS367 is a compact reciprocating saw. With its 13.3 inches long, it can easily be getting between studs.

The overall length is shorter than standard models. So to keep good cutting speed, Dewalt has to create a taller form factor.

Because of a big 5000mAh battery, it is the heaviest compact reciprocating saw on the market with 5 pounds of weight. But it is still comfortable. We can still keep our work running smoothly for many hours with this saw without getting exhausted.

For you to easily compare, Makita’s Sub Compact is just only 0.1 pounds lighter with a 5000mAh battery.

And you still can use a smaller 2000mAh battery to save some weight if you want.

On the other hand, some standard models have an average weight of about 8.4 pounds. So clearly, DeWalt DCS367 is much lighter than them.

In the end, DeWalt DCS367 entirely has the size and weight requirements to be a truly compact reciprocating saw.


As a compact saw, DeWalt DCS367 does not include any high-end features that you can see on premium tools. Its feature set is quite basic but still pretty good when compared to other compact models.

It has a brushless motor and a pivoting shoe. But it does not have an adjustable length, though.

On the side of its handle, you also get a LED light and a level-action blade release. For us, we prefer having those than a sharp-mounted twist lock.  Yes. It does not have a sharp-mounted twist lock and also an active blade ejection.

DeWalt also provides you its four-position blade clamps in the box. Such a great deal!

Because this kind of saw just be used when we cut in awkward cutting situations. So having those blade clamps will give you more versatility.

You could use DeWalt DCS367 to cut plastic, wooden, or even metal with blade clamps included:

  • Carbide Blade: used to cut hard surfaces, like steel.
  • 6 TPI nail-embedded wood blade: used to cut nail-embedded wood.
  • 14 TPI Metal Only blade: used to cut all kinds of metal. It is best at cutting plastic pipes or similar stull as well.
  • 18 TPI Metal Only blade: also used to cut metal, but more gentle than the 14TPI. Use this blade to get nice edges. It cuts slower but gives you smooth edges.

Which DeWalt DCS367’s blade should you choose? It all depends on what thing you are going to cut, and the result you want to achieve. If you want to have smoother cuts, go for blades having high Tooth Per Inch (TPI), but it needs more time for you to finish.

Besides the four-position blade clamps that come with the box, you also have a 5000mAh battery and a power station. The blades can be bought separately for later need.

One thing that you have to consider, vibration control of DeWalt is bad on all their line of sawing machines. And this saw is not an exception. It just scores 50 points for vibrating control in our test. In comparison, Makita scores 75 points.

That said, this is not a perfect compact reciprocating saw. It still misses some features that may be necessary for you. Below are some missing features of Dewalt DCS367:

  • Orbital action,
  • Variable speed selection,
  • Adjustable shoe,
  • Rafter hook,
  • Blade Ejection,
  • Smart Control.

If you need one of those features, consider finding something else.

DeWalt DCS367 Box

Summary of DeWalt DCS367 Review


  • Faster cutting than Makita’s XRJ07,
  • Top-notch cutting capabilities,
  • 4-position blade clamps,
  • Level-action blade release.


  • Bad Vibration control,
  • This is the heaviest compact reciprocating saw in the market.

Should You Choose This Saw?

If you are a remodeler, plumber, HVAC, electrician, etc. any work that must be chopped between studs and you want faster cutting, then DCS367 is the right choice for you.

But if vibration control is a big priority for you, consider finding other machines.

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In my experience, this is a very powerful saw but still very comfortable to use for long periods. And like every DeWalt’s product, it is very ergonomic. We are very interested in how it cuts and how it works.

With its compact design, it is very helpful for almost all tasks. It cuts wood that has nailed and even stainless steel very easily.

Hopefully, after you read this DeWalt DCS367 Review, you will be able to choose the right saw that suits your requirements.