DeWalt DCS334B Vs DCS335B: Which One Is Right For You?

Are you considering the DeWalt DCS334B vs DCS335B? Do you know all the similarities and differences between these two models? Which one is the best to use if you have never owned a jigsaw? You will get your answer to your questions about these two models.

Let’s figure their specialties out together!

Difference between DeWalt DCS334B Vs DCS335B

  • Power comparison

In terms of motor power, both DCS334B and DCS335B are very similar. Their blade speed could reach a maximum of 3200 SPM. You can use these powerful jigsaws to cut through any type of material.

These two models also come with four positions of orbital action. Depending on which kind of material you want to cut, you could adjust it for optimal cutting results.

DeWalt jigsaws also include a speed trigger and dial. Therefore, you can try and set your desired speed for different types of material.

  • Design comparison

The saw blade types of DCS334B and DCS335B are still the same. They are equipped with all-metal t-shank jigsaws. Moreover, you can change the blade easily thanks to their lever-action keyless blade design.

On the other hand, the design of the grip type of the two models is very different from each other. This difference may be a decisive point when you consider these two jigsaws.

DeWalt DCS334B

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The DCS334S model has a top handle grip. This grip type is prevalent and familiar for you to work with. You can control your blade easily, even if you are not a professional.

Meanwhile, DeWalt designs the DCS335S model’s grip differently. If you buy a DCS335S jigsaw, you will own a barrel grip jigsaw.

This design gives you more control on navigating your blade since your hand will be closer to the blade. You can have your detailed and complicated cut perfectly if you master this grip type.

DeWalt DCS335B

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When it comes to jigsaws, you also should think about the dimension and the weight that suit your needs. Although the motors of both models are similar, the size of each model varies considerably.

The DeWalt DCS334B is lighter and contains a smaller dimension compared to DCS335B. You will have a 4.2 lbs jigsaw with dimensions of 8.25 x1.75 x 6.38 inches if you choose a DCS334B.

However, if you prefer a bigger dimension of 11.38 x 3.75 x 8.19 inches, you should go with a 4.5 lbs weighted DCS335B jigsaw.

  •  Features comparison

It is not much dissimilar between the two models in their features. Both the DCS334B and the DCS335B include a LED light that will assist you in following the cut effortlessly.

Moreover, the shoe cover is also a highlight of these two products. You can adjust the shoe cover comfortably with detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and a positive stop at 45° since it is a keyless shoe cover.

This shoe cover is removable, so it helps protect your material surfaces from scratches. You will not want to leave an ugly mark on your items after cutting.

In case you are new to this jigsaw experience, you will have one more supporter.  It is the integrated dust blower in your DeWalt jigsaw. You will have a great sight of your cut line thanks to it.

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A quick rundown of DeWalt DCS334S


  • Easy hold and use for newbies.
  • Strong motor to cut various materials and surfaces.
  • Convenience to adjust the blade speed with speed control.
  • Lightweight for use in a long time and unfamiliar users.
  • Uncomplicated to change the blade.


  • Not a large enough dimension to work on big size surfaces.

Brief of DeWalt DCS335B


  • Super strong cutting motor.
  • Unique and professional grip design.
  • Large dimension to cut several materials and surfaces.


  • Heavy to handle.
  • Hard to hold for beginners.
  • Complicated to change the blade.

Who should purchase a DeWalt DCS334B?

If you are looking for a jigsaw to use in your household tasks only, the DeWalt DCS334B is a good choice for you. Its powerful motor can cut through all types of material in your home.

The size of it is also perfect for sole users since it is not too big to store in your house. Its weight is not that heavy, so you can work with it for a long time without hurting your hands.

Furthermore, the grip design is a plus of this model. A top-handle jigsaw is an ideal partner if you start learning to use a jigsaw.

The LED lights on this jigsaw will make your tasks in dim areas much easier. You can work in narrow conditions, but your DCS334B is bright enough for you to see the cut line.

After a long time using it, you may need to change its blade. Thanks to its quick blade change system, you do not have to worry about this process. It is like a piece of cake, even for a jigsaw newbie.

Why should you buy a DeWalt DCS335B?

On the other side, if you are a jigsaw professional, a DCS335B jigsaw might suit your taste more. Its brushless motor will make sure that you can complete any tough tasks with this jigsaw.

The big dimension will give you more options when you work on various surfaces and items. You also can have very nice control over your blade while holding DCS335B’s barrel grip.

Despite its heavier weight, DCS335B will stay still and not move around when you are using it.

In short,

We just show you the similarities and differences between DeWalt DCS334B vs DCS335B. They are not totally different, but there are some noticeable features to think about. Each model has its pros and cons, so you should consider your demand before purchasing one. We hope that you find this post helpful and see you in the next blog!