DeWalt DCD996 Review – A Premium Hammer Drill Driver

DeWalt always launches qualified products, and DeWalt DCD996 is not an exception. In fact, DeWalt DCD996 is a flagship power tool that contains all its essence. Whether drilling holes into concrete or stainless steel, it can do it all with ease. So, is it worth its premium price? Let’s find out in this DeWalt DCD996 Review.

DeWalt DCD996 Review

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DeWalt DCD996 is very powerful. It can provide up to 38,500 BPM (blows per minute). With this power, you can drill in masonry, concrete, stainless steel, etc., with ease. For you to easily compare, the Milwaukee 2704 does 32,000 BPM.

Like its predecessor, DeWalt DCD995, the new DCD996 has the same 2000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). And there are three power modes for you to choose from, too.

  • 1: up to 450 RPM
  • 2: up to 1300 RPM
  • 3: up to 2000 RPM

Which mode should you choose? Of course, it depends on what you need. If you need small holes, like 3/4 inch holes, consider using mode 3. Go for mode 2 if you need medium-sized holes and mode 1 for large holes.

The most significant difference between them is the torque. The old model has 650 UWO (Units Watts Out). But with the new DCD996, DeWalt has drastically increased it up to 820 UWO.

That means it is 25% stronger than its predecessor. The more power it has, the more it can fully replace a corded drill.

DeWalt DCD996 has 11 clutch speeds that can be chosen. The 1 is for some light works like drilling small screws. And the 11 is for heavy-duty works like drilling through stainless steel.

In our test, it can drill concrete easily with just speed level 3. It is truly a monster in its class. You can feel it when it is working.

DeWalt DCD996 can drill

DeWalt DCD996 can drill concrete easily

Besides, DeWalt DCD996 can work with both 60-volt and 20-volt batteries, making it more versatile.

If you want it to run as more powerful as possible, you should go with 60-volt batteries. But if you want it to be lighter, you can use 20-volt batteries. The 60-volt batteries can make it have a longer lifetime, too.

How much lighter? The list below will answer that question for you:

  • Only drill: 3.46 pounds
  • Drill with a 20-volt battery: 4.23 pounds
  • Drill with a 60-volt battery: 5.79 pounds

In short, it is 37% lighter.


In terms of design, it is usually a subjective aspect. For us, DeWalt DCD996 looks excellent, and its usability, too.

It comes with a 360-degree side handle. So you can hold it comfortably whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

We just want to remind you that DeWalt’s side handles for their cordless drill is the best, along with Bosch. You also get a detachable belt clip that can be placed on both the right and left sides.

The top back part and the handle are covered in rubber for better grip. It is black and yellow, just like any other DeWalt’s tools.

When holding it in the hands, its quality is top-notch. Every detail is elaborated meticulously. It is truly a premium product from DeWalt.

By the way, DeWalt DCD996’s length is 7.9 inches, which is a regular size.

DeWalt DCD996 Review: Features

It also has a larger LED light than its predecessor with 3 settings: low, medium, and spotlight mode.

The low setting is just light enough to do your work in low-light conditions. The medium is a bit lighter. Both stay bright for 20 seconds after you press the trigger.

The spotlight mode is a special one. It is much brighter than other modes and stays up to 20 minutes!

It comes with a new type of metal chuck that DeWalt called nitro-carburized metal ratcheting chucks. Ignore the fancy name; it means the nose of the drill is tougher and more enduring.

And last but not least, DeWalt DCD996 is one tool in the Tool Connect lineup. In case you do not know, Tool Connect is an app on your phone that helps you control the tools’ function easily.

Tool Connect

Tool Connect

It would be remiss to just talk about performance because Tool Connect just gets better and better over time.

You can create three new modes along with the Home mode to change between them quickly. In other words, you do not have to spend time just tuning the DeWalt DCD996 setting to fit your works.

With each mode, you can adjust the intensity and duration of LED lights and the speed. You can also turn on/off bind up control here. The Home mode is preset and can not adjust anything, though.

Like we said before, the LED only stays for 20 seconds in low and medium mode after toggling the trigger. So it is very useful if you want it to last longer.

Quick Rundown of DeWalt DCD996


  • Best-in-class performance
  • Have 11 clutch speeds
  • Work with both 60-volt and 20-volt batteries
  • Premium finish
  • Ergonomic design
  • Come with a 360-degree side handle
  • Large LED light with 3 modes
  • Connect with your phone by Tool Connect app


  • Expensive

Who Should Buy DeWalt DCD996

As a darling child, DeWalt DCD996 inherits all the best from their DNA. Its ergonomics and performance are excellent, period.

So, should you buy it? Maybe the additional control of the Tool Connect app can help you answer the question.

It gives you access to adjust a lot of parameters to detail. And you can switch from one mode to another mode with just one tap away.

But, not anyone needs these. And many people prefer adjusting by hand because they like that feeling.

You do not just pay for the tool, but the Tool Connect app, too. So think carefully about it.


For me, DeWalt DCD996 is a premium tool that is worth the money. We like the way it feels and the way it works. And with the Tool Connect app, we can save a lot of time from adjusting its parameters.

Hopefully, after reading this DeWalt DCD996 Review, you can make your own decision. Thank you for reading!

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