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Discoveries Furniture & Finds offers incentives for Interior Designers and Resale Customers in the form of discounts on merchandise. In return for this discount, we request that you provide us with the following credentials: (These documents may be faxed to 985.345.2598.)

For non-ASID/IIDA Members and Resale Customers:

1. Federal Tax ID number
2. State Resale Certificate
3. Current Occupational License (for Resale Customers only) OR Annual Updated Business Record from Secretary of State indicating existing business
4. Business Card
5. Copy of Driver’s License or state issued ID

NOTE: For Louisiana Customers: 4% State sales tax will only be waived when State Resale Certificate (#2) is provided, ALONG WITH a Current Occupational License (#3).

For ASID OR IIDA Members:

1. Current ASID/IIDA license
2. State Resale Certificate (for 4% State sales tax waiver)
3. Business Card
4. Copy of Driver’s License or state issued ID

When the above credentials are received by Discoveries Furniture & Finds, the following discount structure will be offered: Merchandise totaling $0 – $2000: 10% discount Merchandise totaling $2000 +: 15% discount

The discount is extended for purchases made at one time, they are not cumulative.

The designer/resale customer receiving the discount MUST BE PRESENT at the time of purchase.However, the designer’s client may pay for the purchase using his/her own form of payment.

All purchases are subject to our current store return policy.

The information obtained and held by Discoveries Furniture & Finds must be current. We reserve the right to refuse the discount to any party or parties whom we deem ineligible.

Designer/Reseller Discounts do not apply to merchandise that is already discounted.I have read, understand, and agree with the above policy regarding Discoveries Furniture & Finds Discount Program. I will adhere to these rules set forth by Discoveries Furniture & Finds and use the Discount Program for my client/customer services only.

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