Bosch Table Saw 4100-09 Vs 4100-10

Bosch is a well-known technical manufacturer from Germany. It dominates the technical market with many outstanding products, including table saws. However, most people get confused by Bosch Table Saw 4100-09 Vs 4100-10. In this article, we will help you to have a closer look at these two models. Let’s kick right in!

Bosch Table Saw 4100-09 Vs 4100-10: The Differences

Bosch model 4100-10 is an upgraded version of model 4100-09. It means, these tools still do the same working functions. So what makes them different from each other? Below I will compare Bosch Table Saw 4100 Vs 4100-10 by three categories: power, design and feature.

1. Power Comparison

The power source is one of the essential features of any electrical equipment. Therefore, Bosch equips their electrical machines with good power sources, a motor of 15amp, working under an electrical system of 120 voltages.

There is no difference between these tool power sources as they both deliver the power of 4 HP (horsepower), blade speed reaches up to 3600 rpm. The positive aspect of these two table saws versions is the soft-start feature. This unique feature helps the cutting tools have a soft start-up, and contribute to increasing the power consumption.

2. Design Comparison

Do both models look the same in design? Because 4100-10 is a developed-version of 4100-09, there is some difference in their designs:

Bosch 4100-10 has a smaller look and lighter than Bosch 4100-09 due to their size: Bosch 4100-10 weighs 92 lbs, with 29 x 32 x 13,2 inches of dimension; Bosch 4100-09 weighs 100 lbs, and its dimension is 39,13 x 30 x 20,9 inches.

 3. Features Comparison

These tools are structured to adapt to all functions of a table saw. Therefore there is no difference in their technical functions. Most differences between them come from design features. Let’s give a glance at their main features!

Bosch Model 4100-09 

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– The stand has 0,8 inches wheels, so the table saw can be moved easily

– The gravity-rise stand help adjust the table saw height as you want

– Due to a strong power source, it can cut any hardwood lumber

– Users can adjust the blade speed with the help of the speed control option

– Additional soft-start feature help to use less power

– This item can be folded to save operating space. And it’s parts such as the extra blade, miter gauge, and fence kept securely on the table body

– It can automatically collect dust while working with the help of a collecting bag

– This model is highly saved. Attaching the plastic safety guards to the riveting knife or the anti-kickback paws to the safety guard is easy.

Bosch Model 4100-10 

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– The gravity-rise wheeled stand is the newest upgrade of this new model. It is more light-weight (10lbs) and more portable than the old version

-This tool has a strong power source, therefore the blade slides through tough and delicate wood with a great speed

– It works more effectively with 24-tooth blades, which are better suited for rip-cutting of dimensional lumber. Soft-start circuitry manages the intensity of the motor and reduces the possibility of tripping a circuit breaker.

– Mobility for job sites due to light-weight and improved design of the gravity-rise wheeled stand

– Safe working systems such as riving knives and anti-kickback pawls give protection, while the guard assembly creates a barrier to help blade contact.

Quick Rundown Bosch 4100-09

In the quick rundown of the model 4100-09, we would tell you about its negative and positive aspects as below:


– Powerful power source

– 40-tooth blade with speed reach up to 3600 rpm

– Compatible with a variety of blades

– Soft start features

– Dust port to collect up to 80% of wood dust during the time cutting

– Provide a safeguard system

– Handles on either side help carrying much easier

– Temperature, and moisture resistant

– Portable to work anywhere


– The engine can get loud if there is a lack of proper maintenance

– Dust collection only works in working time.

Quick Rundown Of Bosch 4100-10

Like its older version, Bosch 4100-10 also has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check one by one in detail!


– High-quality material stands and mobility

– Easy to transport

– Light-weight

– Easy to set up and release its components

– Constant response circuitry to keep tracks of power consumption

– Soft start to adjust the power gradually

– Temperature, and moisture resistant

– Long-lasting longevity and suitable for work sites


– The collecting bag can’t collect all the dust

– The space on the sides of the blades causes dust to escape.

Who Should Buy Bosch Table Saw 4100-09?

Bosch 4100-09 has a powerful power source, great rotation of blades, and portable features. However, it is more suitable for wood workshops. And the tool doesn’t take much space in your workshop as you can fold it when not using it. Don’t forget to give this useful tool for proper maintenance sometimes. Otherwise, its loud noise will bother you later on.

Who Should Buy Bosch Table Saw 4100-10?

As mentioned above, Bosch 4100-10 is an upgraded version of the model 4100-09. The difference between these two is not either in the power source or in their functions, but in the design. The design of the gravity-rise stand of 4100-10 allows users to transport this tool easily. As a result, this new version is more suitable for job sites such as construction sites, house buildings. Or you can use it in places where users move quite often.

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Time To Pick Up Your Table Saw!

After reading this Bosch Table Saw 4100-09 Vs 4100-10 article. We hope that you can better understand the difference between these two models. Understanding the positive and negative sides of these two tools definitely will help you make the best choice of buying a table saw.