The 8 Best Table Saw Push Block 2021

If you are new to woodworking, then you probably do not know what a table push block is. A push block is a safety feature that is designed to allow you to push wood and blocks over a table saw. These blocks provide the best protection to your fingers and hands while at the same time allowing you the best hand control of your stock as you push it through the blade or cutting head.

Today, we’re looking at the best table saw push block.

The 8 Best Table Saw Push Block 2021

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock

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The Green-GRIP push block is designed using a premium quality proprietary non-slip material which offers you superior gripping power when working with materials and workpieces such as cherry, oak, walnut, pine, plastics, and aluminum among other materials. The block comes with a pair of treaded gloves that allow for increased traction on the workpiece as well as additional safety.


This heavy-duty push block is versatile in that it is designed to work with bandsaws, table saws, jointers, and router tables among other machinery types. As such, this table saw push block comes in handy for professional woodworkers as it can be used with the equipment in the workshop.

Superior construction

The table saw push block features superior construction that comprises of heavy-duty handling power and well non-slip material. The unique design of the push block provides an efficient downward force that eliminates kickback. This, in turn, allows you to have smoother, safer, and cleaner cuts.


  • Unique gripping power
  • Eliminates kickback thus allowing for a smooth and clean cut
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Features a non-slip material
  • Versatile push block


  • The block is not compatible with standard blade guards

Gripper ™ 200 Advanced System with 1/8

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If you are in the market for a classy and advanced table saw push block with unique 3D features, then you should look no further than at the Gripper 200 Advanced System. This block provides optimal safety when working on a table saw thereby allowing precision and accuracy for all cutting tasks. The block is engineered with a shield that provides for ultimate safety and protects the hands from moving blades.

Three-way controlling direction

The most unique and impressive feature about this table saw push block is that it features an improved three-directional control. The block allows you to control the inward, downward, and forward sawing forces. Irrespective of the direction you are sawing and cutting through, the block empowers you with excellent precision, optimum safety and firm control.

Stable and firm construction 

The push block boasts of a three-length stance that provides unique stability for consistent performance. Additionally, the block provides 100% balance support for all cutting jobs thereby ensuring uniformity of your cutting tasks. What is more amazing about this push block is that it protects your hands from kickbacks.


  • Stable and firm with a green grip
  • Provides excellent protection from kickbacks
  • Easy to use
  • Precise and accurate performance
  • Features a DVD with advanced cutting techniques


  • Considerably pricey

GRR-RIP Block Smart Hook Pushblock

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The ergonomic handle in this GRR-RIP Block Smart Hook Push Block exerts directional pressure on the fence for a convenient cutting experience. This smart block features an auto-retracting heel technology that hooks the tail-end of the board for stability when cutting. Overall, this table saw a push block is designed to provide you with an extreme hold of the workpiece.

Gravity powered smart-heel locks

The smart heel locks in this push block are gravity-powered and engineered to provide you with complete control as well as the confidence to finish cutting your workpiece. The hooks drop down automatically when needed and retract instantly mid-board. These hooks can also be locked in a retracted position.

Stability and safety for vertical work

The 90-degree Flip Guide in this push block provides for vertical cutting when working with veneers, beaded face frames, resawing on your bandsaw, and other profiles against the table fence. This guide falls into place no matter how you flip it. This table saw push block comes with an unbelievable gripping power enhanced by the Podular Green-GRIP.


  • Comes with auto-retracting heel technology
  • Ergonomic handle for a safe and firm grip
  • Features optional mounts for additional protection from chip debris
  • Sturdy and solid construction


  • Might be complex to use for beginners

POWERTEC 71009 Safety Push Block

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If you are in the market for a well-crafted safety push block, then you should look no further than at this POWERTEC 71009 block. This orange block is compatible with table saws, jointers, and routers for all woodworking tasks. This V-shaped stick is perfect for extruding or when you need to exert detailed control on the workpiece.

Block function

This table saw push block provides enhanced hand safety when guiding wood during sawing and cutting. The safety blocks allow you to maintain a steady and firm downward pressure on the workpiece without any kickback whatsoever. This favors inexperienced users as they are able to make precise and accurate cuts with their table saws. The block also features an L-shaped stick function that allows you to push your entire workpiece through the saw’s blades. This stick function is ideal when working with smaller stock.

Deluxe craftsmanship

Each premium tool in this push block set comes with an easy-grip handle that is ergonomically designed for comfort and firmness. These handles feel natural in the hands thereby allowing you to enjoy longer and better-working sessions. This block-stick package is specially designed and built for durability and maximum control.


  • Versatile stick-block set with wide applications
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Deluxe craftsmanship hence reliability is guaranteed
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Guaranteed safety


  • Comparably pricey

GRR-RIPPER Advanced 3D Pushblock

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GRR-RIPPER is a popular brand for designing and developing high-end table saw push blocks and other types of machinery. This GR-200 block features a 3-Directional Force that allows for total workpiece control as well as eliminating kickback. This tool is made in the US and as such, you need not worry about its quality or durability. Ideally, it is a tool that is built to last a lifetime.

Superior safety

This GRR-RIPPER table saw push block is engineered uniquely to promote extreme safety while sawing. The block comes with a Moving-Blade-Guard that shields your hand while making your cuts. The unique design of this push block creates a unique tunnel where the blade passes through thereby ensuring that your hands and other upper body parts are safe from any contact with the blade.

Versatile tool

This GRR-RIPPER is an incredibly versatile tool in that you can use it with several types of machinery including table saws, router tables, bandsaws, and jointers among other woodwork tools. The universal design of this block provides a powerful hold on the workpiece. Additionally, the balance support combined with the stabilizing plate ensures that your workpiece is stable for detailed cuts and precise handling.


  • Sturdy and strong construction
  • Universal compatibility with different tools and machinery
  • Comes with an adjustable spacer
  • Has a moving blade guard
  • Promotes superior safety


  • Pricey compared to other models

MLCS 9167 Safety Push Block and 5-Piece Stick Package

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If you are the kind of woodworkers who prefer using simple yet efficient tools in their trade, then this MLCS 9167 Safety Push Block is the best choice for you.  This table saw push block provides you with a convenient and safe way of running stock on a router table, table saw, jointer, or shaper. With this push block, you never have to worry about the safety of your hands.

Durable and sturdy plastic construction

The construction of this push block features a heavy-duty plastic material that enhances the durability and reliability of the block. This tool feels solid in the hands and with its ergonomic design, it becomes easy to control and handle the block for a safe sawing experience.

Wide range of applications

This 5-piece set comes with wide applications as you can use the block set with multiple woodwork tools and machinery. The rubber pads grip the stock securely and firmly for ultimate guidance. The push sticks are incredibly useful while you are working with short stocks.


  • Superior construction
  • Uniquely reliable and dependable
  • Versatile set with wide applications
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with different woodwork tools


  • This set is expensive

4 Piece Woodworking Safety Kit

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Your safety should be a top priority when you are working with table saws. This is why you need to invest in the best table saw push block. The 4 Piece Woodworking Safety Kit with Feather Board Magnetic Handle Push Stick Straight Handle Push Block is a high-end push block that is designed to provide you with utmost safety and protection while working with a table saw. This safety kit ensures that it provides your hands and fingers with the best protection away from the sharp blades and cutters.

Soft rubber foam pads

The pads that line the bases of these two push blocks are soft, receptive and feature a rubber foam. This construction makes it easy and effortless to push and control your stock when sliding it over the table saw. These rubber soles are washable using warm water and should be left out to dry for up to 24 hours before using them again.

Magnetic handle push stick

The push stick that comes with this 4-piece push block has a magnetic handle that makes the stick ideal for pushing the stock on a table saw. This stick works perfectly when used with the unique feather board in the 4-piece set.


  • Versatile table saw push block set
  • Rubber foam-padded blocks for easy handling
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Simplistic design hence easy to use
  • Washable block soles for enhanced reliability


  • Not the best choice for people working on tight budgets

POWERTEC 71032 Push Blocks, 2 Pack

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POWERTEC is yet another solid brand when it comes to the best table saw push blocks in the market. This 71032 Push Block is designed for use by both hobbyists and professional woodworkers. The block not only keeps your fingers and hands safe but also prevents kickbacks when you are guiding stock through the blades and cutter heads. The blocks are solidly designed and constructed to provide you with the best user experience.

Slip-resistant pads

The pads in this block set are constructed using natural rubber that provides for excellent slip resistance. This, in turn, provides for a reliable, tight, stable and secure hold. In addition to this, the blocks feature an ergonomic design that allows for a comfortable and firm grip. This grip allows you to exert precision vertical and lateral force.


This table saw push block is a flexible and versatile tool that is compatible with several other tools including jointers, shapers, and radial saws. Overall, this dependable block set ensues maximum versatility and hence ideal for use in a commercial workshop. The push blocks are high quality and hence you should not worry about them falling apart.


  • Flexible and versatile set
  • Uniquely and professionally designed
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an anti-slip grip
  • Good value for money


  • The set does not come with a push stick


What is a table saw push block?

The best description of a table saw push block is a safety guard that protects your hands and fingers as you slide the stock over the table saw. This safety gadget is designed to provide you with the utmost protection as these saws can be extremely risky and dangerous to work with.


A table saw push block is arguably one of the must-have accessories in the workshop. This block not only guarantees your safety but also ensures that it guides your stock while making cuts with a table saw. There are lots of these blocks in the market, but the models we have listed herein are some of the best.

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