Best Table Saw Miter Gauges: Buying Guide & Reviews

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Are you a new carpenter? You are struggling with your ugly and awkward sawing line? Have you always wanted to create beautiful wooden tables? If yes, you are in the right place. We would like to recommend to you the best table saw miter gauges right now.

In this article, we will help you gain an insight into the best table saw miter gauge products on the market today. Along with that, you will be guided carefully on how to choose a suitable product and provide informative answers. If you want to find a perfect “sidekick” for your DIY projects, why not scroll down and read on?

First, take a look at the quick comparison table

INCRA Miter1000


4.6 out of 5 stars

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Kreg KMS7102

Vernier scale

4.5 out of 5 stars

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4.4 out of 5 stars

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Incra MITER5000

Clear assembling guide

4.2 out of 5 stars

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Woodstock D3123


4.1 out of 5 stars

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Osborne EB-3

Extendable fence

3.6 out of 5 stars

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The 6 Best Table Saw Miter Gauge

INCRA Miter1000

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The first miter gauge that we want to introduce to you is the INCRA miter1000. There are plenty of reasons why we put this product on our review list. Let’s scroll down to find out what are those reasons.

You may be impressed by this tool at first sight! Its attachments are really simple to assemble. Just follow a few easy-peasy steps, and you are good to go with the preparation.

Secondly, this tool has an incredibly versatile modifiable miter bar and a Vernier scale made of steel. With these parts, you can measure and scale at the highest accuracy. 

Another great point about this device is that it features a 180 degrees Angle Lock system with a teeth spacing of 01 degrees. So if your task requires super precision, this Miter1000 will meet your needs perfectly. Besides, this product is also equipped with a telescoping fence, which can help you modify the gauge easier. As you have measured correctly, the trim you make will please you on each millimeter.

Additionally, this gauge is designed to fit perfectly in the miter slot. When you move the table saw, the gauge also slides. Therefore, you are able to make completely clean cuts. No wonder why this device is suitable for both home uses and professional purposes.

On the downside, the teeth for the 01-degree spacing that we have mentioned above are a little bit weak that can be bent and broken down easily. Due to this reason, make sure that you handle the gauge carefully. Otherwise, your device will go down and shape and functions like an ancient machine even when it still looks freshly out of the box.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Modifiable miter bar
  • 180 degrees locking system
  • Good fit in the miter slot


  • Weak spacing teeth


This product is a good choice for anyone who needs a gauge that can slide smoothly on the table saw surface. As the item has high flexibility, it can be of great help for both home uses and professional purposes.

Kreg KMS7102 

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There are plenty of good brands other than INCRA that produce high-quality miter gauges. This time, we bring to you a device made by the company Kreg. Having a top-end precision system, this KMS7102 will blow you away with its amazing features.

The Kreg brand seems to have focused a great deal on designing and manufacturing this item. Therefore, the miter gauge gives you an exact measure up to 0.003 accuracies of 6 inches. But that is just the fixed accuracy at the time you open the package. If you want more, you can also set the tool up and calibrate it. 

In addition, the miter bar is made of anodized aluminum. Thus, you can rest assured of its long-lasting lifespan. Thanks to the adjustable bar, you can put the device in the miter slot without a problem. For adjustment, the Vernier scale has a spacing of 1/10 degrees and positive stops at 0, 10, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees. Especially, the micro-modify system can lower the spacing to just 1/100 degrees! Due to this reason, you can even measure the smallest object with ease.

Although this product costs much, its quality will definitely please you. And of course, the more expensive the price, the lifetime warranty is natural. Isn’t that a good deal?

However, this product still has a disadvantage. Compared to the previous model of INCRA, the supplied screws of this Kreg model are not so strong. So if you don’t handle the tool carefully, needless to say, the odds of you it being broken down mid-work and you having no choice but to dig into your pockets for a new replacement is higher than you think.


  • High accuracy
  • Long-lasting
  • Low spacing
  • Adjustable miter bar


  • Weak supplied screws


This Kreg KMS7102 is special because of the top-end Vernier scale. The micro-adjust system allows you to lower the spacing to 1/100 degrees! Thus, it will be a good choice to measure small objects.


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The price of the Kreg KMS7102  seems to be a little bit high, right? Don’t worry too much because we have a cheap miter gauge for you. Alright! We want you to meet the INCRA Miterv27.

Like we have said, this MiterV27 is the best gauge for money. Typically, cheap price does not come along with high quality. However, this product is an exception. With all the good features and beautiful design, it will not make you disappointed with the final result.

As you can see, this product comes with 27 different angle stops. Thanks to these stops, you can modify the gauge and do the measure at the highest precision.

In order to make the machine gauge with an affordable price, the manufacturer has to minimize the design of the device to the lowest while still optimizing its function, so that you can easily notice that the tool has a very compact style. Also due to this reason, you can not find any redundant part of this tool. Instead, each part will have its own function and ability, all of which work together to help you finish your job with perfection.

Of course, you will face no difficulty in assembling this product. Because the product design is minimized to the lowest, you can install it in the table saw slot quickly. In fact, this one can stand stably in many common table saws. So when you are done with the installation, surely it will not create any side play such as moving or slipping during your work.

On the negative side, the adjustment system of this gauge is slightly different from other products. Therefore, you may have to spend a little time to get used to this item.


  • 27 angle stops
  • High precision
  • Compact style
  • Easy to assemble


  • Strange adjustment system


For those who are on a tight budget, this product performs no less inferior than other common functional miter gauges on the market.

Woodstock D3123 

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Next, we will make a review of the D3123 gauge made by the brand Woodstock. In case you have many heavy tasks to do, this one can be your great sidekick. Let’s see what it has to offer!

The first thing you may notice is its 0.2 inches modifiable head. This head is made of sturdy aluminum in order to withstand any impacts from external factors.

In addition, this D3123 also features 13 positive stops. With these stop holes, you are able to modify the gauge to have the highest accuracy while working. Of course, you’ll encounter no difficulty adjusting it. The manufacturer has designed this device very carefully so that it can bring the most convenience for you to do all the hard work.

The best thing about this D3123 is that it allows you to extend the fence. Thanks to this feature, you can measure any large piece of wood without a problem. Overall, this feature seems to be a plus of this D3123 while the Kreg KMS7102 does not have this ability.

About the drawback, what we don’t like about this product is its bottom surface. When you install this item to the table saw, the bottom of it may leave some dirty marks on the surface of the machine. And you know what? Those marks are really hard to remove. Totally not cool at all! 


  • Modifiable head
  • Good durability
  • Extendable fence
  • Easy to use


  • The bottom leaves dirty marks on the table saw


Among all our 6 best table saw miter gauges, this one will be the most suitable product to support your heavy tasks. As it has great durability and an extendable fence, you can measure any large chunks of wood without a problem.

Osborne EB-3

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Moving up next, we want to introduce to you a special miter gauge. Unlike other popular products that have a protractor plate style, this one is designed to have a triangular shape.

You may wonder what is the ability of this triangular style, right? This special design helps the user to have more stability while using and also supports the saw in producing tighter cuts. 

On the other side, this product also has a good extendable fence. Depending on your purpose of work, you can modify the fence length from 24 inches to 42 inches.

Also, what sets this item apart from the previous products is the bar design. While others only have one, this product comes with three bars. Due to this reason, you can measure the object at three angles at the same time. Unfortunately, the gauge may become bulkier because these 3 bars are so heavy. In consequence, you may face difficulty while storing this product in your package.


  • More stability while using
  • Making a tighter cut
  • Extendable fence
  • A 3-bar design


  • Hard to store


This new style of the miter saw gauge will bring more convenience to your work. Its fence allows you to modify from side to side to create suitable support for the tool blade.

Incra MITER5000

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Finally, we will end our list with another product of the brand INCRA. Having 10 expansion disks, this gauge can help you to have the highest accuracy while cutting. Of course, good things don’t just stop here. If you want to see more useful features of this item, keep scrolling down for more!

After unpacking the product, you will find it easy to install all the attachments together. Because the instruction coming along with the product is so easy to understand, you don’t need to be a professional mechanic to do this installation job.

About the design, this product attracts buyers’ eyes with a clamping feature. Thanks to this feature, you can hold the workpiece tightly while trimming its angles.

On another side, this Miter5000 has a compact style and lightweight. Due to this reason, you can carry this product around with ease. Even when you want to store it, you are able to do that without a problem.

However, this item’s screws are in bad quality. Because these screws are so loose, they are unable to stable the two fixed side pieces well. So when you attempt to assemble the sliding table to this gauge, surely you will get into some trouble. 


  • High accuracy
  • Clear instruction
  • Clamping feature
  • Lightweight


  • Bad quality of screws


Whether you are a non-advanced worker or a professional, this Miter 5000 will do its best to support you. From the first moment you unbox the item, you can get used to this tool quickly thanks to its clear instruction and easy-to-understand guide.

Buying Guides: How To Buy A Table Saw Miter Gauge?

The truth is, choosing a suitable product among these best table saw miter gauges has never been easy. Knowing this, we have listed the factors that are the most important that you should focus on while making a purchase. Let’s find out now!


Miter gauge bar & Fence length

Miter gauge Bar

You should take note of the table saw miter gauge bar dimensions and compare it with the miter slot. And of course, the miter gauge must fit properly to the slot.

You may not know, but most miter bars have a standard size of 3/4 ” by 3/8 ” which can be suitable for most tables saw miter slots. Plus, different device models also have multiple extension points to maximize the durability in usage.

Fence Length

The fence of the miter gauge models can be extended to different lengths. Typically, the maximum length of a table saw miter gauge is approximately 40 ”. Meanwhile, there are some types that can only be lengthened up to 24 ”. So, if your job requires a longer miter gauge, do not hesitate to invest in a longer one, which helps you get the work done efficiently.

Quality Of Components

The quality of the components in the table saw miter gauges directly affects the durability of the product. When the miter gauge is made of high quality, it will last longer and work more accurately than low-quality components. In addition, the higher the quality component, the more flexible and easy to use.

As you probably know, a lot of machines may not work if a certain part of the product is defective or missing. This issue is a consequence of careless design. The quality of a bad or good component seriously affects the overall design. If one of the components makes up the miter gauge performs poorly, the entire system will go awry and your work will be ruined.

Overall Construction:

Another point you have to notice when buying the miter gauge is its overall construction. Base on your purposes, you will have different requirements of the materials and the resistance ability. But overall, we recommend you go for the products made of aluminum. These are very durable and able to withstand any heavy impacts from outside factors.

Ease of use

Imagine working on a large project which requires you to apply multiple types of machines. As the instructions for use are too confusing and complex, you will need time to study how to work with it. And this will affect your ability to work and reduce your work efficiency. So now, do you understand why the best table saw miter gauges need to be easy to use?

Easy or difficult to use depends on the design of the miter gauge. The more complex the style is, the more difficult it is to use. So, we advise you to purchase a product that has a compact style. In case you get the complex ones, the instructions of these tools should be clear as much as possible.


Of course, everything will be perfect if the table saw miter gauge does its functions and support your job. No matter how good the design is, the exceptional the quality is, but its function does not meet your work requirements, it is no longer needed.

Therefore, it’s highly advisable to determine the goals for your work first. Then, consult the seller’s advice about types of miter gauge and find yourself the best product that suits you.

FAQs About Table Saw Miter Gauge

What is a saw gauge used on a table saw? 

A saw gauge used on a table saw is a tool that holds the wood piece at a specific angle while it is being trimmed. A carpenter like you may need this tool in order to increase the blading accuracy.

What is the reason for using the miter gauge?

For jobs that require high precision such as trimming woods, you cannot miss a saw gauge. This is an extremely good tool to help you measure, thus giving you a perfect cutting angle with the device blade. Therefore, your work can be completed on schedule without having to spend time measuring and aligning with other types of rulers.

Moreover, this saw gauge will hold your wood in the right position without fear of being moved and prevents the wood from moving on the surface of table.

Therefore, in order to devise a beautiful table or a square piece of wood, you must definitely need the support of the miter gauge.

How can you use the gauge on the miter saw table?

First of all, in order to use a gauge on the saw table, you need to have a specific place running along the surface of the saw table and parallel to the machine blade. This is where the gauge will go through and make a cut.

Since the machine is placed properly, the trimming angle can be adjusted by looking at the values ​​on the miter gauge. After customizing the appropriate cutting angle, lock the gauge so it will not slip during the procedure.

Next step, place the wood in front of your miter gauge, align the sign marked for blading. After the miter gauge and the wood are at the right place, hold it with your two hands. And then, you can start cutting that wood.

How to build a gauge for miter saws?

To make a table saw miter gauge, you have to go through a lot of complex processes. Without the aid of some specific machines, you are unable to build a gauge with high accuracy. Therefore, we advise you to buy the products from the trustable brands. On the list above, we have listed the top miter gauges on the market that you can refer to. 


With the 6 Best Table Saw Miter Gauges listed above, we hope that you can choose a product that meets your needs by following the buying tips we have suggested before.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We are always here to help you out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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