Best Circular Blade Sharpeners: Top 6 Deals & Reviews

Circular blades just like any other blades in the market are susceptible to becoming dull at one point. When this happens, then you will need the best circular blade sharpeners to restore the sharpness of your blades.  Unknown to most people, sharpening these blades is not a complex task like it is widely believed. This is because sharpening these blades is quite straight forward and with only a few DIY tips, you can easily sharpen these blades at the comfort of your workshop. There are lots of circular blade sharpeners in the market. As such, choosing the best sharpener can be a complex task. However, this needs not be the case as here are some of the best sharpeners in the market.

The 6 Best Circular Blade Sharpeners

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Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

  • Rotary Angle Grinder Mill
  • 23” x 9.8” x 8.25”
  • 13.5kg/ 30lbs
  • 220V
5 out of 5 stars

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Mophorn Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

  • Rotary Angle Mill Grinding Machine 370W
  • 17.7 x 17.7 x 14.2 inches
  • 59 Pounds
  • 370W – 110V
4.8 out of 5 stars

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Techtongda Circular Saw Blade Grinder Sharpener

  • Mill Grinding Sharpening Machine
  • 20 x 20 x 17 inches
  • 110V
4 out of 5 stars

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Techtongda Round Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

  • Water Grinder Grinding Machine
  • 28.35 x 16.93 x 11.81 inches
  • 70.4lbs (32kgs)
  • 250W – 110V
4 out of 5 stars

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Mophorn Water Injection Grinding Grinder Machine

  • Machine Rotary Angle Mill Grinding Sharpening Machine
  • 59lbs (26.6kg)
  • 18″ x 18″ x 14″
  • 370W – 110V
3.9 out of 5 stars

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Heavy Duty 125mm Electric Circular Saw Blade Grinder

  • Rotary Angle Mill Sharpener
  • Package dimension: 430×430×345mm
  • 32kg
  • 250W – 110V or 220V
3.8 out of 5 stars

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Mophorn Water Injection Grinding Grinder

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Featuring a steel chassis construction, this sharpener boasts solid construction that holds up well against wear and tear thereby enhancing the lifespan of the sharpener. This sharpener provides for a strong structure of the sharpener. It is worth noting that the sharpener is equipped with an adjustable surround-shaped pallet for holding the saw blade and other abrasive pieces.

Water-cooled design

When using this sharpener, you never have to worry about the build-up of heat. This is because the sharpener features a water-cooled design with a water injection feature. This feature helps in reducing damage to the grinding wheel as well as eliminating high temperature when sharpening. The water tank in the sharpener holds enough water for several sharpening sessions.

Strong power

This sharpener is fitted with an expressly powerful motor with a running speed of 3400 revolutions per minute. This 370W motor with a power rating of 110V provides sufficient sharpening power and potential. Like other high-end sharpeners, this tool comes with wide applications that include grinding other materials including plastics, wood, and aluminum alloys.


  • Solid steel chassis construction
  • Wide sharpening applications
  • Water-cooled design that enhances sharpening efficiency
  • Strong and powerful motor
  • Easy to use


  • Bulky and heavy sharpener

Circular Saw Blade Sharpener Rotary Angle Grinder Mill

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This Circular Saw Blade Sharpener is arguably one of the lightest circular blade sharpeners in the market. With a compact weight of only 13.5kgs, you can easily carry it around the workshop and even transport it to other locations easily.  The convenience of the saw’s lightweight is seen in the fact that you can easily lift it on your own. The saw is specially designed for grinding carbide saw blades.

Easy operation and high accuracy

This sharpener is easy to operate as it does not come with a complex setup. Ideally, it is a great choice for beginners who are not well versed and experienced in using circular blade sharpeners. The sharpener boasts of a high accuracy that goes a long way in ensuring that your circular blades are sharpened to perfection.

Versatility and flexibility

This sharpener has wide applications in that you can use it for sharpening nonferrous metal, plastics and even in furniture and woodworking factories. Another unique aspect to note about this sharpener is that it has a high speed that guarantees sharpening efficiency. The sharpener adopts a multi-angle swing and three-dimensional slide adaptation for sharpening flexibility.


  • Lightweight
  • Features a functional design
  • Perfect for sharpening a wide variety of circular blades
  • Easy operation
  • High sharpening accuracy and speed


  • It can be a safety hazard if mishandled

Techtongda Circular Saw Blade Grinder Sharpener

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Carrying your chain saw to hardware to be sharpened every time can be quite tiresome and inconvenient. It is also time-consuming and a waste of your effort too. However, this no longer needs to be the case as you can invest in this Techtongda Circular Saw Blade Grinder Sharpener Mill. This sharpener comes with several features that are designed to make sharpening circular blades easy and effortless.

High accuracy sharpening

When using this circular blade sharpener by Techtongda, you never have to go over the same spot twice. This is because the sharpener boasts of a high sharpening accuracy that ensures that the saw is sharpened to perfection. This, in turn, translates to uniform sharpness and thereby providing you with a powerful and sharp saw.

Multiple angles guide

This saw comes with a multiple angles guide that allows you to sharpen a wide range of circular blades. Additionally, the saw is easy to set up and use and as such, you are not likely to encounter any challenges or setbacks when sharpening your blades and chainsaws. The chassis of the sharpener is made using premium quality materials that enhance its durability. The sharpener naturally adjusts itself to the blade’s cutting-edge point for uniform honing.


  • Ideal for all chain designs
  • Accurate sharpening feature
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Comes with multiple angles guide
  • Features a durable design


  • Vibrates excessively

Heavy Duty 125mm Electric Circular Saw Blade Grinder

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This sharpener is a perfect choice for people who are generally new to sharpening their circular blades. But more than this, the sharpener is also a great idea for people who are looking for an affordable yet efficient and reliable blade sharpener. This sharpener does not only work with circular blades but is also ideal for several other materials.

Electric motor

The sharpener is fitted with an electric motor that has a 110V rating. This motor is powerful and delivers intense sharpening power for all your circular blade sharpening needs. The sharpener is also energy-efficient and hence, it is not likely to raise your power bills by great margins. Overall, this tool is a favorite choice for most people due to its affordability and simplicity.

Multi-purpose sharpener

In addition to sharpening circular blades, the saw is also ideal for grinding other materials including plastic, aluminum alloy, and wood for different purposes include furniture making and decorations. What is more, to note about the applicability of the saw is that it designed for use in sharpening different types of carbide-tipped saw blades ranging from 80mm in size.


  • Durable design and construction
  • Quick operation system
  • Provides a unique sharpening experience
  • Ease of setup and operation
  • Packed with user-friendly features


  • Setup can be complex for beginners

Mophorn Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

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This blade sharpener is specially designed for DIYers who are keen on owning an efficient sharpener that is easy to use as well as those who wish to have a smooth operating chainsaw at all times. This sharpener by Mophorn allows great flexibility in that you can use it for sharpening multiple blades. This easy operation sharpener maintains high accuracy at all times. The best thing about the sharpener is that it improves your saw blade’s efficiency to a great extent.

Flexible usage

This circular blade sharpener is designed for sharpening a wide variety of carbide tipped blades that range from 80mm-700mm in size. This flexibility comes in handy for contractors with multiple circular saw blades. Additionally, the saw features an extra 2-blade hole adapter for meeting various saw demands and preferences.

Better operating experience

The structure of this circular blade sharpener is strong and features the capability of working on a maximum diameter of 700mm. The sharpener comes with a specially equipped motor that has a good running speed that coordinates well with the diamond sanding wheel in the sharpener. The machine is also ideal for grinding different materials such as wood, plastic, and aluminum alloy for decorations or making furniture among other uses.


  • Unique operating experience
  • Wider sharpening adaptation
  • Comes with a rotary angle mark
  • Excellent performance
  • Upgraded construction


  • Extremely heavy hence limited portability

Techtongda Round Circular Saw Blade Sharpener Water Grinder Grinding Machine

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This Techtongda circular saw blade sharpener provides its users with a solid hold and support for numerous types of circular saw blades. The sharpener is not only incredibly easy to set up but also effortless to use.

Compact sharpener

Unlike other circular blade sharpeners that are excessively bulky, this Techtongda sharpener is compact and considerably light. This makes it easy and possible to carry the sharpener around especially when you want to use it in different spots in the workshop. Despite its compactness, the circular saw sharpener features a wide array of features that enhance its performance and reliability.

Good quality motor

Since this blade sharpener is designed for sharpening various carbide saw blade types with unique accuracy, it is equipped with a high-quality electric motor. This motor provides a high rotational speed that ranges at averagely 2850 revolutions per minute. This, in turn, ensures that the machine is fast and efficient in sharpening circular blades.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable design
  • Multiple angles guide
  • Accurate sharpening feature
  • Ideal for all chain designs


  • Some people find its set up quite complex

Buying guide: Choose A Good Circular Blade Sharpener

Here are the aspects worth considering when you are shopping for the best circular blade sharpeners:


The best sharpener should be constructed using durable and solid materials. These are materials that are able to withstand wear and tear. In addition to this, durable sharpeners are ideal for moving around as they do not fall apart or break down easily. Avoid investing in a substandard sharpener as such a tool is likely to fall apart within no time.


Whether you are buying a circular blade chainsaw or sharpener, versatility should be a top priority. Versatility comes in handy when you are shopping for the ideal circular blade sharpener as it enhances the applicability of a sharpener. With a versatile circular blade sharpener, it becomes easy to use the tool for multiple uses and functions in the workshop.


Is the circular blade sharpener compatible with your chainsaw? This is the single most important feature worth considering when you are shopping for the best sharpener to purchase. Buying a sharpener that is not compatible with your chainsaw will be a waste of time and effort.


The design of a circular blade sharpener determines several aspects including ease of use, portability, and space it will take up in the workshop. It is advisable that you only settle for a sharpener with a unique design that enhances its flexibility and versatility. Also, opt for a design that does not take up too much space as this can lead to congestion in the workshop.

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FAQs About Of Circular Blade Sharpener

How is a circular blade sharpened?

Sharpening a circular blade is quite easy as you only need to have the best circular blade sharpener. These sharpeners are designed to accommodate circular blades and feature a motor that ensures uniform sharpening.

Can a circular blade be sharpened?

Yes. Using a circular blade sharpener.

Which circular saw blade for plywood?

To achieve the best cuts when working with plywood, you should buy an 80-tooth blade as the small teeth in these blades reduce chipping in plywood. This, in turn, results in clean and smooth cuts.


The primary use of a circular blade sharpener is to keep your blades and chainsaws sharp. While it is hard to find the best sharpener in the market, the models that we have listed here above are some of the best in the market. All of the models are powerful, reliable and stable.