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We are creative “big kids” that love what we do. 

Global Style For Everybody, Every Budget. Making great style accessible to everyone is the Discoveries’ mission. Become part of the adventure.

A team of adventurous explorers that travel the globe to find and curate super cool stuff, to deliver an endless stream of new designs to our US customers, produced  in villages on the other side of the planet.

As a direct importer for almost 20 years, our founder Scott McKearn, spent the first ten years as a high end furniture & accessory wholesaler, with a who’s who of top retailer customers such as Neiman Marcus, Horchow, Saks, etc.. After seeing how much more an end user has to pay for something  after the retailer mark-up, at Discoveries, we’ve been all about cutting

out the middle-man mark-up and selling direct to the public at true wholesale prices. It was so clear to him, as a high end wholesaler, what an obvious formula for success this would be. Seems like a no-brainer hey? Provide super stylish, solid wood furniture for around a 1/3 of the price you can find it anywhere else. Hmmmm….

We are eternally grateful for all of the fans of Discoveries that make it possible for us to continue working our “dream job”.

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